Malawi Education: Girls warned against fear for science courses

Junior Certificate of Education

The Malawi Government has reiterated the need for girls to understand the importance of studying science subjects for their own future and the future of the country.

Speaking when he opened the 2016 girl’s camp at Malawi University of Science Technology (MUST), Minister of education, science and technology Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano said girls should be encouraged to pursue science courses.

“The aim of this girls’ camp is to urge girls to put much effort in science subjects in order for them to increase their chances of excelling in life,” he said.

Junior Certificate of Education
Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano: Drilled the girls.

The camp is equipping over 200 girls with the desire and courage to choose science subjects, courses which most girls in Malawi shun away.

Fabiano added that in order to develop, Malawi has to sell goods not only from agriculture but also from manufacturing industries. He however said there is need to have people who are well trained in technological advances if Malawi want to start selling manufactured goods.

The minister said: “It is time we must realise that science, technology and innovations are key to the development of this country.

“We are talking of moving from aid to trade but this can only be achieved if we are producing unique services that can enable the country to sell.”  



  1. You raised the FEES… then to media saying girls What.., what …!!! how can can they practice science when you BIG SHOTS sons and daughters enter University without proper decision !
    nonsense speech to smart brain

  2. iyaaa, we r fagged of hearing obout girlz. dont those positions the government wants girls to work in fit boys who studed science? dont force them, jxt recruit the available boys

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