Malawi Albino attacks: Poetry campaign faces obstacles

Wokomaatani Malunga

The campaign against abduction and killing of people with albinism through poetry which was happening in the just ended month of July was subject to some major challenges, organisers say.

Having started early July, the campaign involved pasting an anti-albino victimisation poem every day on Sapitwa poetry website, and social media. It partly involved radio stations and a total of 27 poets were involved. Their works were guided by the core message that people with albinism are like anyone else; talented with dreams and ambitions.

In an interview with Malawi24, Iconic poet Robert Chiwamba spoke of some major challenges that hinged the campaign.

Robert Chiwamba
Chiwamba says the campaign met ‘thoughtful’ challenges.

He said failure to reach a large audience, and the victimisation of a woman in the Northern region amidst their campaign makes up the challenges.

“The first and the biggest challenge is that almost over half of the campaign took place on social media thus left out more people in rural areas,” said Chiwamba

At times rays of hope shone while the campaign was in progress, only to be frustrated by the same acts they were fighting. This was a discouraging factor, however the 31 days journey went on.

“Secondly just when we thought our collective effort was yielding something, we heard of a woman whose hand was chopped. This discouraged us a little,” he said.

On a positive note, the campaign was subject to positive feedback, a factor that energised the poets along the way. They managed to spread the word which had the attachment of an impact.

Despite the campaign reaching a comma last weekend, the poets will continue sensitising people on the issue through different platforms. All this in the name of bringing sanity in societies which once accommodated albinos just like everyone.


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