We lost a gem in Tony Chitsulo – Malawi’s FA cries out loud

Tony Chitsulo
Tony Chitsulo
Tony Chitsulo, a lost gem.

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda has advised Flames Under-17 to be disciplined if they are to continue their rise, saying they should learn from the case of former Junior Flames striker Tony Chitsulo.

Speaking at Mpira Village in Chiwembe during the welcoming ceremony of the Malawi Under-17 National Football team from Mauritius where they took part in the Cosafa Under-17 championship and came out third, Nyirenda said Malawian football lost a gem in Chitsulo.

Chitsulo, former Silver Strikers and Flames Under 17 forward made headlines during his playing days with the Central Bankers and the Junior team but his failure to control himself outside the field of play cost him dearly.

He became popular for performances with the Junior Flames from 2007 to 2009 however his football career was short-lived due to indiscipline outside the field of play.

Thus the Malawi FA General Secretary advised the young boys to maintain discipline outside the field of play saying for one to reach greater heights, discipline is always paramount.

Suzgo Nyirenda
Suzgo Nyirenda hints the FA will maintain the U-17 squad.

“We had a gem in Tony Chitsulo but he is nowhere to be seen. As a country, we lost a star. My advice to these young players is that they should maintain discipline off the field of play.

“Without discipline, forget about prospering. We need these boys to come out good but that will depend on how they control themselves outside the field of play. When I think of Tony, I nearly shed tears, he was a star in the game,” said Nyirenda.

Chitsulo’s career came to an end when he snubbed his first senior national call up during Kinnah Phiri’s reign.

A week later, the player was arrested by Police in Bangwe after being involved in a fight at a night club within the area.

From there, he went from hero to zero when he was at the centre of a transfer saga between Mighty Wanderers and his parent club Silver Strikers before vanishing into thin air.



  1. ali ku Bangwe kwa mvula owns a bar en he z also acting grup village heard since his father z too old to hold De position without owathandizila

  2. tonny chisulo anamphela tsogolo ndi a B4forwadwanderes bcoz anangomutenga ku sliver kumakamukhazika pa bunch a sliver akafunsa ndalama zawo amawauza kuti pitani ku banck ndalama tayika koma zili zaboza kenako anabwelela ku LL koma asanayambe treng anazapita kukawonela game ya pakati pa epac ndi bulets ndipo gameyo inathela ziwawa pa ziwawapo bus ya epac inaphwanyidwa ndipo tonny chisulo anavuladzidwa kwambili ndipo anatengeledwa ku chipatala. kucho pomwepo sizidziwika kuti pano ali kuti?

  3. Tonny Chitsuro anaononga tsogolo lake po kwatila hule la pa bala,ngati player umayenela kuyang’anila heath yako bwino,big up Sugzo anawa osamawabisila.

  4. Tonny chitsulo was the one who mess up his career but Dan chitsulo was the one who was in German and retired there

  5. a Malawi24 zimakuvutani za utolankhani.Tony chitsulo anapoita ku german komwe wakhala akukankha chikopa kwa nthawi yayitali ndipo pano anapuma.Lero ndi munthu ochita bwino chifukwa cha mpira .koyambilira atapita ku german wakhala akutumikila flames akamuitana.we never lost Tony but as a nation we have to be proud that Malawi produced such a talent.

    1. Kkkkkk zaoneselatu kuti siuzisata kapena tiziti wachita kuuiwala?ukunenayo ndi Dan chitsulo osati Tonny man.tonny sakuziwikadi komwe anapita mpaka lero.

  6. Ndizoona Adziwe Komwe Akuchoka Kuti Kunali Ndani Nanga Akupita Kuti

  7. Silver failed him, the time he switched to Wanderers was already a spent force. Silver is not a good place for young talented gems. Stories of Tony Chitsulo, Ndaziona Chatsalira, Peter Pindani, Green Harawa, Victor Limbani just to mention but a few, does not give a good reading as Silver is concerned in killing talent. As such Thuso Paipi and Levison Maganizo fear for your future in football. Learn how Albert Mpinganjira, Peter Mponda, James Chilapondwa, Andrew Chikhosi, Fisher Khondowe had made it playing from young age till retirement age of 35 years or above.

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