Carlsberg destroying the environment in Malawi: polluting rivers with wastes leaving million lives at risk

Mudi River

An environmental rights activist has called out Carlsberg Malawi Limited for polluting rivers in the country by throwing wastes into the water bodies.

The activist, Godffrey Mfiti of Institute of Sustainable Development-ISD, criticised Carlsberg in a letter addressed to its bosses in Malawi.

Mudi River
Polluted Mudi River.

Mfiti said reports show that Carlsberg has over the years been the main polluter of Mudi River in Blantyre.

“In April, 2016 we wrote Blantyre City Council a petition detailing the alarming pollution of the Mudi River. In their response they invited us for a meeting where the City Council explained efforts being made to control this pollution.”

“During the meeting it was revealed that Carlsberg Malawi Limited has been a main polluter of the Mudi River over the years and warning letters have been sent to the company. We have noted with regret that the situation has not changed despite this approach to the Blantyre City Council,” wrote Mfiti.

Godfrey Mfiti
Godfrey Mfiti: Wrote the letter.

He then demanded action from the company saying its actions are putting lives of millions of Malawians at risk.

“We are aware that polluting the environment is contrary to Carlsberg Malawi’s reputation and brand all over the world.

We therefore demand an immediate action from your office to stop this practice,” said Mfiti in the letter.

The activist also urged Carlsberg to act swiftly on the issue in order to protect its brand locally and international.



  1. Kodi A Carlsberg anayamba liti kugwira ntchito yawo ku malawi nanga zimenezo zayamabika liti musatinyasepo apa inu a malawi 24 nthawi yonseyi munali kutiko?

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  4. Malawi’s activists are just people who become activists cos they have nothing to do. Every river/stream that runs through our Cities are all heavily poluted, not by Carlsberg alone but by the heavy population. Our socalled activists pick on those that can bribe them with a few thousand kwachas & when done they keep quite. Malawi is 52 years old & why not call for tap or borehole water if you are really concerned about people’s lives.

    1. Koma Carslberg imatibera kwambiri than the so called other organizations. Every Monday timalira chifukwa cha dollar ya akanganya amenewa yet they don’t even give back to the community through some charity development. Akwenyedwe, asawasiye.

  5. This is so true… Sindimaziwa kuti our government malamulo awo amagwira ntchito bwanji nanga amagwira pati?? These industrial guy’s don’t care about our lives look mudi unali sinje wa bwino koma sipano mulibe ngakhale mbulululu fungo kumafika town moti poti unadutsa town ausamale ayi… Nanga unduna wona za chilengedwe ntchito yao ndi chani??2. Ma Maya athuwa akupangapo chani??? Ukhondo komaso kusamalira town sikusesa kokha komaso muone miyoyo ya anthu over thousands we use Blantyre market

  6. Carslburg knws well how to protect nature,now this issue needs collectional efforts not only carlsburg, …the best. Way is to renew the waste into something usable this will help

  7. I have always said our worship the mayor Noel Chalamnda, please introduce polluter pay fines for all the industries that are polluting our environment but instead we are busy beautifying the surface instead of starting underneath

  8. Bossman #JumaAli,there z errenousness in your statement.Does it min wen one assists you in one way or the other then has right to kill you @ will?

  9. carlsberg hav done alot keep malawi greener one bottle top they gav u 2 trees from ther garden REMEMBER

  10. Even if you lobby to puff lungs out.Malawian leaders won’t listen,they r in intimate love with money & natives welfare to them is total gibberish.#corruptedminds.

  11. Do you want us to see your efforts on discovery? No! get courage tell them to stop unless they find other safer ways of

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