Malawi Police arrest man for stealing from Macsteel shop


Police in Kasungu district are keeping in custody a 44 year old shop supervisor for Macsteel Malawi Limited for stealing goods worth over a million Kwacha from one of the company’s shops.

Confirming to Malawi24, Deputy Public Relations Officer Harry Namwaza identified the suspect as Alick Maxwell who was working as a shop supervisor at Macsteel Shop in Kasungu.

According to Namwaza, the suspect is believed to have been stealing from the shop for some time. He was however caught after an audit query showed that items worth 1.3 million were missing from the shop.

arrested“After enquiries it was revealed that the suspect was responsible for the missing items,” said Namwaza.

The items which are reported to have been stolen include iron sheets, galvanised wires, roll brick force, welding rods and wire nails.

Meanwhile Maxwell has been charged with theft by servant which is contrary to section 286 of the penal code and will appear before court soon when police enquires are completed.

He comes from Kasiya village in the area of Traditional Authority Nkhumba in Phalombe district.



  1. To arrest people for stealing the dog ofthe Government should start with political readers and there after anyone found stealing.Set him free and deal with political readers.

  2. Kuba ndi tchimo pamaso pa Mulungu onse opezeka amangidwe koma ndalamazo akhale nazo ziziwathandiza pa mabanja awo akakudyerani kuti ? Kwacha yagwa yagwanso

  3. AAA! Fuck! Kubako mukuwona kwankuluyu basi ? Kodi oba mk577 billon aja mukuopa kuwamanga ? Ife tikufuna 577 billon zibwelere m’boma , izi ndi za personal zisatikhuze.

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