Just in: Fire guts down shops in LL town

Lilongwe fire
Lilongwe fire
Shops burnt.

Fire has gutted down shops that are close to Lilongwe Main Depot in the capital city.

The shops that have been affected are the small ones where items such as cosmetics and phone accessories are sold.

Our reporter observed one shop owner at the place crying that his foreign currency (dollars) have been burnt.

While another shop owner ignored requests from the police to come out of his shop saying he better die in his shop because he was keeping K3 million in the shop.

Meanwhile the Police are using teargas to scare aware looters while the Fire department is at the place trying to extinguish the blaze.

The main cause is yet to be known but it is suspected that an electric fault ignited the inferno since one electric pole near the shops is also on fire.



    1. Kkkkkk You Are Right! Always Dpp Is To Blame Zikangochitika Zachabe Even Zikhale Kuti Si Za Ndale.When Shall “They”understand The Good Works Of Dpp Kumangoibulema Ndi Pa Zopanda Mizu Zomwe?

  1. This is sad .apologies to owner. #To the #city #council- the buldings were unsafe for a town like lilongwe I wonder where city evaluators were when unsafe kitchens were being built next to a filling station and bus depots. I do believe you have a town planning committee in office right.i beg you to do your job and evaluate the development of town with safety measures although there maybe some unforeseen accidents.

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