Maulana’s deployment under microscope: Malawi Pres. faulted

Peter Mutharika
Fired from the army: Maulana

Political analysts in Malawi have suspected foul play behind the deployment of General Ignacio Maulana from Malawi Defence Force Commander (MDF) to head security issues at National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA).

Speaking on the local press, the analysts, faulted President Peter Mutharika for not being transparent on the deployment.

Rafiq Hajat
Hajat: Says the directive is questionable.

One of the analysts Rafiq Hajat questioned the strength of Malawi’s democracy as citizens have not been told the reasons behind the deployment that has been seen to be a “demotion”.

Hajat added that NFRA has not reported security shake ups that might need a top military official to head security issues at the organisation.

“If find it quiet strange because it’s like using a shotgun to kill an ant.

In terms of specialization and capacity there are many specialists who would be able to perform that job,” said Hajat.

Concurring with Hajat, Henry Chingaipe disclosed that Maulana‘s new post could have been trusted with only a senior police officer but not even the Inspector General of Police and neither the army commander.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Has not given reasons for Maulana’s axing.

However government chief secretary George Mkondiwa has downplayed reports of foul play behind the deployment arguing that its “normal” in government sectors.

He added that the president has thought of trusting Maulana with such a position as the country is buying more maize to address the hunger in the country.

Malawi24 understands the development comes at a time when the office of National Audit has asked for more resources from the World Bank to complete its task of auditing all government sectors despite minister of finance Goodall Gondwe disclosing that the exercise was completed.

A local newspaper on Saturday July 30, disclosed that the audit spared MDF, state house officials in just mentioning some hence more resources might be needed.




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