Islamic swag visuals in the process


Musician Amuna Misso has shot the much awaited video for Islamic Swag, a song which he features Blista and Spar Kay.

Shot on Thursday and Friday in central region district of Kasungu by O(CP)2 music video company, the Malawi24 sponsored project saw the collaborating trio plus other characters doing the dab in a unique way.

The video has now dropped into the editing zone where it will be shined so as to be made fit for the hungry eye. It houses a great deal of creativity just like its audio which earned applause for the same reason.

Misso in one of the scenes.
Misso in one of the scenes.

In an interview with Malawi24, Amuna Misso said that he is not sure about the date of release but he hinted on the probability of having the video ready for consumption next month.

The audio continues to make noise and the news about its visuals going through editing just intensifies the hype.

You can download the audio via the following link: http://­­song.php?id=4027  



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