Experts applaud Malawi young techs

Rachel Sibande

Local information technology (IT) experts have applauded young innovators for coming up with ideas that can help develop the country.

During the 2016 Tentative TechFest in Blantyre on Saturday, local IT experts could not hold smiles after listening to the ideas that were being presented by young technology enthusiasts in the country.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Mhub founder Rachel Sibande applauded the innovators for putting the country on the right technology track.

Rachel Sibande
Sibande: Progress is commendable.

“We have seen great ideas that can be dealt with in education, health, security, tourism and a lot of sectors in the country and this is recommendable as a country we are moving in the right track,” said Sibande.

However, she expressed concern over failure of female youths to participate in this year’s tentative techfest.

“Am not happy that no female took time to come and participate, honestly this has taken away my happiness,” added Sibande.

Concurring with Sibande, National College of Information Technology (NaCIT) lecturer Chindika Mulambia said the development will help the country to create job space for Malawi youths.

“Am impressed that we are moving in a right direction, as a country we need to embrace this spirit of putting our skills into practice, by then IT graduates were looking for office work but now we have heard them saying am doing this so that it can be on the market, this is quite good in as far as entrepreneurship is concerned,” said Mulambia.

The 2016 Tentative TechFest was organized to help young innovators in sharing ideas on how they can make the country to be an IT nation.



  1. I have all the skills to make web-based systems, but Can’t get a breakthrough if there was a technical day just to find discover people with IT skills it could have been better

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