Persons with Albinism in Malawi want police escort services

Malawi Police

Persons with albinism in Malawi have joined hands with various organisations in calling for the introduction of police escorts, night patrols and roadblocks in suspicious routes to deal with increased killings and abductions of such people.

Overtone Kondowe—president of the Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM)—said this in Mponela, Dowa on Friday during a sensitization meeting police, World Vision and other stakeholders organized.

Malawi Police
Malawi Police needed in the ending of attacks on albinos.

The event was aimed at sensitizing the public to the dangers of killing and abducting of persons with albinism in Malawi, where such incidents have reached critical stage, according to local authorities, UN agencies and Amnesty International (AI).

Statistics say 20 of them (persons with albinism) have been killed and 67 others at large since such incidents started being reported in local and international media.

Kondowe has since urged government to provide all persons with albinism with police escort services to and from different places considering that they are already few in the country.

“While statistics show that we are about 10 000, we want government to provide us with tight security. This will make us not live in fear because our lives are still in danger despite having laws in place. Police patrols and escorts would be ideal,” said Kondowe.

However, Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Jean Kalilani said government is committed to ensuring that security for persons with albinism is tight.

She said even those caught discriminating such people will face the law without haste.

“Those people that will be caught doing such atrocities will be jailed for life and government is serious about this. We want to put a full stop to this because it is inhuman to think that bones or body parts of persons with albinism brings wealth,” she said.

Jean Kalilani
Jean Kalilani says everyone needs to join the fight against albino attacks.

Kalilani reiterated that police and community leaders, including members should also be on the alert each time there comes traditional healers in their locations because according to her they contribute to such incidents.

Police at the event were upbeat about dealing with the act, saying measures are in place to provide tight security so that culprits are brought to book.

During,  the commemoration of the 2016 international albinism awareness day held in Kasungu, President Peter Mutharika said: We say NO to this darkest evil of our times! This is our “big NO”, and this is our collective voice even against those parents and relatives who sell their children in the night privacy of their homes.

He said culprits have taken away enough lives of people, but time has come for them to face the law. “You have taken away enough peace of our people with albinism. Now you will face the arm of the Law!” said Mutharika.

Traditional healers remain banned from doing their business in the country following a high court order that some lawyers obtained in Mzuzu some three months ago.



  1. Police escort! It’s not a solution escorting wherever they want to go like market, gardens, watching football games etc. The best way is every individual, organization and others to join hands in strengthening security of albinos and not just living the issue to police alone

  2. ds business is under government ,ngakhale muyakhule bwanji palibe chilichonse chimene angachite apolice nawonso akudyela pomwepo,Naye wolamulila ali momwemo ini chrt dem you know Selassie I

  3. You must be very stupid who introduced that bad idyallic idea? Cant you come up with idea honesty showing you are by their side cant you? No wonder we know the big shorts are wearing the shoes God blend Malawi.

  4. Police escorts can not change anything. These people most of then are attached right away in there homes by their own relatives or peolpe connected to them who are supposed to protect them. We need to change our mindset

  5. Malawians stop killing albinos personally if I would be peter mutharika mmmmmm u would have had a hot soup I really mean it

  6. Because of we leaving in fear that is why we asking fellow brothers called police to escort Us. We are childrens

    1. God is not silent but look what the Nation of MW is doing by legalising Gay practice no any action is taking place .May GOD Almighty protect Albino

  7. A Policewo ndiye ma saints? Iwowo kuphura samakufuna?
    Nanga aja a Police a kumpotowa anapezeka ndi mafupa albinowa?
    Ingopephani Boma kti likhwimitse chitetezo. Police escort APA mawa timvanso zina masiku ano ndi ena!
    Aliyense Ali pakalikiriki kufuna kupanga alleviate umphawi wake.

  8. Are these crooks so called police officers trustworthy for such service??? Mmmmm wina atha kusungitsa nthuli ya nyama mkamwa mwa galu sure….!!!!

    1. how do you reason mr man? Isn’t a good news for our friends with albinisim?? Bwanj umakonda kugainiza kwambiri on every matter?

    2. Ok lets then be escorted by the so called police officers ngat sitizamva kut wina wagulisidwa ndi wapolice yemweyo. That’s what we call kuitanira ntchentche pa so so so….!!!

  9. Wina aliyense chitetezo chikufunika ngakhale achitetezonso. Pa nkhani ya chitetezo ndi wina aliyense and moreover anthu wambafe ndi amene tachuluka ndipo anthu ena okaikisa timawaziwa kom sitimakawaneneza kwa achitetezo. Choncho ndikuganiza kuti wina aliyense atatengapo gawo pa chitetezo chake ndi cha anzake zithe monga chimvano cha mavu

    1. Zonetseratu kut man mukuziwapo kanthu za misika imeneyi. Hw do u knw kut misika pano ikupita kumapeto??? Mumakatakata kut man tiuzen zen zen tiziwe nawo….!!!

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