Corruption lands Bisnowaty in hot soup

David Bisnowaty

Member of the Malawi Parliament (MP) for Lilongwe City Central David Bisnowaty is in trouble after his donors dumped him following reports that implicated him in a multimillion corruption scandal.

David Bisnowaty
Bisnowaty in hot soup

It was reported earlier this year that the legislator palm-oiled the Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, with K50 million to flout procurement procedures so Bisnowaty’s MCA Limited could win a $1.6 million (about K1.1 billion) tender to deliver X-ray machines. However, the deal did not materialize as another competitor landed the bid.

The legislator, while flashing the innocence flag, confided to Malawi24 that he has indeed lost a number of donors who have refused to deal with him.

According to Bisnowaty, donors who were funding the construction of 20 school blocks in his constituency have so far deserted him.

Biocare Ltd controversially won the tender despite overcharging its bid with K50 million more than Bisnowaty’s MCA Ltd which reportedly came fourth on the evaluation chart after failing to meet most of the technical specifications.

Corruption is rampant among politicians and senior Malawi government officials. Auditing exercise supported by Malawi’s key development partners found that about K600 billion was stolen between 2009 and 2014 of which 90 percent was misappropriated during the two years that Joyce Banda was in power.



  1. No wonder Malawi is the number one poorest country in the world despite being at peace since independence. We will never develop

  2. I wonder if this is getting out of hand just because he is white… how many contracts are won on fair ground in malawi… he did not even win the contract…. if it is like that you should be exposing all these other contracts also… it was corruption he is wrong… but this is minor esp cox he dd not steal our money… first deal with those that stole our money.

  3. But why should Malawi Government allow foreigners to contest parliamentary seat.?they can be citizen but not parliamentarians

  4. dziko lino likufunika chitsitsimutso, coz enafe tikuwoneka ngati sitiba coz sitinapatsidwepo mpata. Koma pamene anthu tizakhala oyera mtima ndikuyamba kuzikundikira chuma kumwamba mbiri yakatangale idzakhala yamakedzana. Kodi munthu adzapindulanji atapedza zonse zapadziko mapeto ake mkutaya moyo wake? Dziwani kuti mkwapatali munthu wachuma kulowa mufumu wakumwamba kupambana kuti ngamila ilowe pa m’bowo watsingano. Koma ife tiyeni tiyetsetse kulowa pakhomo lopapatiza. Muzonse tithange tafuna ufumu wake ndichilungamo chake ndipo zonse zomwe tisowa zizapelekedwa kwaife.

    1. How I wish we could all spend our time with the Bible and meditate. Self enrichment will lead us nowhere apart from Shame and disgrace. Zapadziko nzakutha. Let’s open our eyes and think. We have a role to develop the nation that Our Lord Almighty has entrusted us with. Ndinthawi tsopano kuti Umodzi, Chilungamo komanso Chitukuko zioneke ngati Dziko.

  5. the police must shoot him dead today and now as they have done to the two car robbers.this guy is robbing malawi of th much needed development!

  6. Typical of Israelis l wonder y Malawi accepted these cursed creatures into our community, soon they will sell the nation.
    These are the people who feed on corruption, survive and thrive on corrupted resources.

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