Man commits suicide after girlfriend dumps him


A 28 year-old man in Blantyre city has committed suicide after a girl he was in love with ended the relationship, Malawi24 can report.

According to Assistant public relations officer for Limbe police Widson Nhlane, the man was found dead in the early hours of Thursday at his home in Machinjiri Township.

Nhlane said the deceased, Alick Palingolo, was in a relationship with a certain girl and the two were planning to get married.

Broken-Love“What happened is that the deceased was in love with a certain girl and were arranging to get married this year but all of sudden the girl ended the love affair,” said Nhlane told Malawi24.

He added that this did not go well with Palingolo and he decided to commit suicide.

The man hanged himself with a rope in his bedroom and the matter was reported to police.

The law enforcers visited the scene and took the body to Queen Elizabeth Central hospital for postmortem.

According to Nhlane, postmortem results indicate that the deceased died due to suffocation.

Palingolo hailed from Mlamboni village, T/A Bvumbwe in Thyolo district.



  1. If it was a game of football i’d have say dat he deserved a man of the match award.. But in this carse i’ll just keep quiet cause am not yet thre.. I mean i cant take my life away just bcoz ov ordinary # chona

  2. those critising have never experienced how painful a breakup is,after wasting your time and resources! but take it easy there are singles out there,but mind you,they are all not yours!!!

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  7. There is no R.I.P in this suicide thing…is she the only girl in this world? If you have tried in Bt and dumped… why can’t U also try in central or from north?
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  13. the problem is dat we easily forget coz u wili c dat a man can comeacross a woman after 20yrz after birth but we fail to endrace yet we endraced before dats sorry.

  14. amalawi 24 nanu…learn to finish the reports…u shud hv written ….”He commited suicide and now he is burning in Hell”
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  15. Thats not true love. True love is to be together through thick and thin. Much as we accept that it is painful we need to trust God to heal our broken hearts through prayer, counseling and stress and anxiety management. We need to know that if one person disapoints us we have a milion people out there who are ready to welcome and cherish us. We have a family, friends, church above all, we have God who does not reject us. This is not true love. Heart breakers plz plz…RIP

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