Govt urged to deploy more teachers to rural schools


Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) has asked government to prioritise recruitment of more teachers to work in rural areas in order to achieve balance in education in the country.

This is coming at a time government has announced that it has added an extra allocation of 10.5 billion kwacha to the ministry of education’s 2016/17 budget.

The money has been set aside to cater for the recruitment of 10,500 primary school teachers and 466 secondary school teachers in the country. Many of the recent graduates from primary school teachers training colleges in the country are just idling as government is yet to deploy them.

Benedeicto Kondowe

Kondowe: Has made the call.

Executive Director for Civil Society Education Coalition Benedicto Kondowe said it a good move by government to allocate extra money to the ministry of education.

“It is a good development because for a long time teachers were trained but not recruited so this is good and government should allocate more teachers in rural areas,” said Kondowe.

He added that there is acute shortage of teachers in rural areas so it is very important that more teachers are sent to the rural schools.

At the moment teacher pupil ratio is at 100 pupils to one teacher which is a stumbling block to achieving quality basic education in the country.



  1. i thnk ths issue has to be taken seriously coz teacherz who teach in rural areas face many challenges due to the scarcity ov gud i wud therefore require u ngos to make apreliminary visit to different xulz b4 the actual deployment ov teacherz.osamangoyankhulira in your offices.

  2. Lets be honest here. I have worked with NGOs. The community and NGOs makes effort to built houses and school blocks in rural areas. Then the goverment says they have a shortage of teachers. Of which that wil be a waste to build a house which no one will stay in. And it end up vandalised. I think the best way is to work hand in hand meeting halfway between goverment, NGOs and community. As far as i know the goverment does’nt play its role to embrace education. The parent mould brick and gather sand,stones. The NG0s provides cement, iron sheets, etc building materials. They build a block and teachers houses. But the problem is goverment to provide teachers. Thats why the NGOs have lost faith in goverment. If goverment can make effort to recruit teachers and pay them according. The community and NGOs i am sure they will step in to make sure our kids in rural areas get education ar well.

  3. how can a teacher stay at a school where there is no good house.Think twice before you speak.Teachers are willing to teach in rural areas but the problem is housing my friend.

  4. Unless the same govt improves on teachers welfare, the plan wont make any viable change. Life is tough in rural areas. Some of you don’t even know how life is like in rural areas.

  5. mwatero! jst introduced higher allowances for those typically teaching in remote areas, you will see the scramble. Not de peanuts u r giving now, even to those at a trading center with all resources koma ku midzi kwenikweni.