Get ready: ‘The World ends today’

Judgement Day world end

The world ends today, according to a group called End Times Prophecies which released a video in which they claim that the World will end on July 29, a day they say Jesus will return to Earth and wage war.

A description of their footage, which is basically a long stream of major world events cut together, says: “The bible states that in the last days, the saints of God will be persecuted. Christians have to be aware of the teachings of Jesus by studying His word on a consistent basis and Most prophecies explain that the end of times, end of days, End of humanity and the end of the world will be on 29 July 2016”.

Judgement Day world end
Groups claims: World will ends today.

It does also attempt to back up the theory by using some amateur-looking graphics of a guy on a horse breathing fire.

A voiceover then states: “This is Armageddon News. In this broadcast we’ll discuss the second coming of Jesus Christ, which occurs at the same time as a magnetic polar flip and catastrophic global earthquake.

“On the day which Jesus returns, there will be a polar reversal.

“Revelations 6:12 says, ‘There was a violent earthquake, and the Sun became black like coarse black cloth, and the moon turned completely’.”




  1. Who said so? Coz nobody knows the day and time when the world will come to an end… Never should you post such sensitive things again.

  2. the same bible says you hve eyes yet don’t see ,ears yet don’t hear.the son of man does not knw tym only the father .beware of false prophets

  3. Only God knows when the world will end. You people know nothing but lying to innocent people with your shiny suits

  4. I dont know what date it is in Malawi but where am at, its 31st and and the world seems yo be carrying on like always

  5. Yes is realy true Mr Frank says what the bible told us even Jesus warned us about the false prophet they will appear to decieve many people into sins. Also he told us, son of man do not even know the numbers of end of aged of this world only the father in heaven knows of the end

  6. Blakies have been taken for a royal ride. First they were enslaved then they were hustled into the white mans religion which the white man no longer believes. Hahahaha.

  7. Kkkkkkkkkk inu musNdisetekese asa litha liti kkkkkkkkkk Agulukunyida Akhawena Anyani Awanthu Zikhanira Ziboli Agulo Awathu inu kkkkkkk dziko litani khumba izi Ajati awathu inu kkkkk Analimata Aswiswili Awathu ine Kkkkk mbewa zawathu inu kkkkkkkk mukuti chani maso akulu akuluwo ngati madazi amusika waLilongwe kkkkkkkk chani tanenaso Prophet wake wakuti kkkkkkkkkkkk nyani galu mbuzi guluwe mxiiiiim nazikambe kkkkkkk iwe undisamale osazalembaso kapena kulengeza zopusazi

  8. chabwno iz munthu wanzeru sangavomele. koma tsiku lina dziko ndithu lizatha,ife mgat anthu okhumba mtendere wamulungu tkutan?

  9. Revelation 19:20 Verse Concepts And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone.

  10. Hope that sex presto has been caged now and hope you have started looking at Albinos as a creation of God and pray that they are safe despite them having a different color

  11. False profates no one know the world end only God , dont cheat the world , God will punish u fr lieing to the world and scaring his people .

  12. Today’s de 30th, has world ended? You liers, find something else to do, u’re not false prophets but something else_mbuli za anthu!

  13. Today’s de 30th, has world ended? You liers, find something else to do, u’re not false prophets but something else_mbuli za anthu!

  14. “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.Matthew 24:36… the scripture,no one knows the day Jesus returns…..stop your false prophecies

  15. This is what makes Christians differ from others the reason is that we do not hear or listen to anybody than the bible itself. Our journey is all written in this Holy book, and that is why even if there is plenty Prophets today, we remain lucky children of God because with the bible we have the power to distinguish between the truth and lie, then miracle and magic.Jesus Christ is the only Savior and Shepard of the world,he is the same forever.

    1. Amen my brother, Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only way given to man only God knows the end day and time so let none deceive anyone. Since we don’t know, be ready at all times.

  16. Ine zamisala ndimakana, ngati mwadya nkukhuta chonde kagoneni pansi.kuima pachulu ndikulalata dziko litha pa 29! manyazi mulibe? anakuuzani ndani???

  17. Ndimadana ndizausilu izizi ndizausilu tatopananu anthu inu opanga zausilu mukusowa chopanga cholemba dzikoli mukuonangt la azigogo anu et zausilu et

  18. Iwe jesus will not come up until the gospel is spread to the whole world eg china , indonesia and all who do not believe that theres God, the muslim world should except jesus and yu will see the end ,for the bible said all eyes shall see and evry ear shall hear his coming, just spread the gospel for now as yu we wait for him coming.

  19. Prophet of doom. Nobody knows the day non the time the rapture will take place though we should watch and pray not miss that great day

  20. False prophets! Even jesus knows not the time nor date let alone these ashes and dust that masqurred themselves as prophets

  21. Nobody knows when the world is ending but the repture is neare Jesus is coming. the bible says it will be like Noah’s days so lets repent and return to God and walk away to our weaked deeds and serve God in truth and in Spirit

    1. World will not end till the Antichrist will come , shall Jesus Peace be upon him come And Also no one will remain who truely belive one Elah(god)and His Prophets Adam , Abraham ,Ismail, Jacob, solomon, David ,Moses , Haroon, Issac, Yousuf Jesus And Mohammad May Peace Be upon All of them Etc. ALL prophets

  22. Aneneri onyenga, ndipo satana anakhazikika mkati mwa mitima yawo, kutha kwa dziko palibe ndimodzi yemwe akudziwa, nanga ulamurilo umenewu munautenga kuti, ndipo anakupatsani ndani?

    1. Its only the Father who knows this. Even the Son of man gotta wait for instructions. Besides aint no way God is destroying nothing, its the evil that shall be ridden of earth. The earth shall be renewed. Don’t believe when they say im here, I’m there is just crackheads

  23. These are clearly false prophets. they are just fulfilling the word of God but woe unto to those who fulfill the word in the negative direction.

  24. Why nowadays everyone is a prophet? Kkkkk I don’t understand last days there are more people calling themselves prophets do not follow them, follow the word of GOD

  25. when the world will end nobody knows…. when Jesus will return nobody knows…. is it ever gonna happen for real??? nobody knows!!!

  26. I think most people they blind and deaf why they read the Bible upside down or right to left , the Bible say the coming of Christ every eye shall see him with his glory and the angels ,so where do they get this that the world will end to day , they are hypocrisy


  28. i don’t agree with such no sense ,these people they need to reapent,to the people of malawi ,because they scared peoples life.They are humenaya and feleto in the days of paul,

  29. When he was asked. He answered them and said no one knows the hour nor the day and not even the son of man but the father himself. For it shall come like a thief.

  30. ame times is not good to pray game with GOD,.1 ting u have to know is this,no 1 know end of word,jesus alon mose nowa ahamed,palibe amene akuziwa,it is onley God,ho knowz,the day of end of word,so when you drink brak & whit please just find where is your berd and go sleep,ather wise mungopeza thembelero.

  31. zakuma…… Kodi dziko litathalo ndila Malawi lokha???? Zachamba eti .vutonso ndikape uyu ……amene akumazisha ### major 1 ….. mwasowa zokamba eti ……come here in UK so dat u can see how people they use to enjoy wit life in this world….mukhalila yomweyo FOSEK

  32. How dare you to do this no sense?
    Please! before you post anything
    Think first,don’t just posting like you’re talking to your childrens
    Niyahlanya nina niyezwa na ?

  33. If the world will end today I will say that they are wise more than jesus but if not I will say they are not wealth to be called prophets. A khanundu ayenera kubisala kumbuyo kwa mulungu

  34. Please Malawi24, I warned you before that Don’t just post anything you hear, otherwise you will call a disaster upon yourselves! Don’t play with the Creator King…Everyone knows that #Not eve one person will know when the Son of Man will come!

  35. Totally unscriptural & unbiblical, the one who gave this prophecy must repent because he/she claims to be speaking on behalf of God yet God himself has not said anything. This is total devilish just aiming at misleading & confusing the children of God.

  36. Nthawi yanji Admin???? Munayambira muja osamangokukanda bwanji ngati mwasowa zolemba. Tsiku lakutha mdziko or Yesu sakulidziwa or angelo akumwamba. Ndi Allah Yekha ndi amene akulidziwa tsikuli

  37. Ngati zakuvutani osasocheretsa anthu Yesu adati sadziwa nthwawi ndi nyengo koma adafotokoza zizindikiro oti apa palibe chimene mukudziwa anthu achabe masipa

  38. INE chamba ndimadana nacho ,,who ,where yo got it,,did the world built by yur father or created by God,,stupt this nosense ,,yur day will end today not mine

  39. No one can tell when the world will come to an end because Christ said I come like a thief at night who
    don’t give notice before they arrive. just repent from your sins and follow the way of Christ and keep God commandments then you will be save.

  40. Anthu anaxindkra masiku ano c mungawanamixe,,,mumkafuse uja mumat wa 5 moba uja,,,paja naye amkat dxiko c lixafika 2000,,,mpaka fans kuononga naxo xnthu,,,ingonenan kt tiri nyengo yosilixa t kuyenera kukonxa mitima yathu,,kt akaxamabwera ambuye axatipexe tiri opanda machmo mitima yathu tli oyera bas…nd namalenga yekha amaxiwa tsiku lake bas,,,,

  41. Koma anthu mukusewela ndimulungu eti akut ngakhale angelo sakudziwa nanga ife ndindani kt tidziwe?chenjelani ndianeneli onyenga.

  42. The Bible did indicate that He would come soon,bt no mentioning of Date/month/year,we need just to get prepared,those pipo are false prophets,this z just the beginning of sorrow,time wil come when He comes,every eye shal see Him,

  43. nobody knows whn and how the world ‘ll end not even u so called scientists. So plz stop testing God’s powers u pagans!!

  44. If it is all abt rapture,that is nt the end of the World..but remember God could tell abraham that,after 400yrs i’ll take them out of egypt,and zitakwana zakazo.moses born and they overstayed up to 480,smthng years.see?

    1. he said after 400 years…… xo 480 is still after 400…. see ehnnnn try to understand God and his word better….. he said instead my word will not come to pass heaven and earth will wipe away….. really u need to be careful…. and change of your ways he’s coming soon

  45. this country Malawi is full of false prophets. Its in the same country where bushiri is saying his wife has conceived thru holy spirit and will give birth to major Jesus. Even issues of a hyena spreading AIDs to school girls. Very primitive

  46. Ma prophet amasiku omaliza amenewo chamba chokha-chokha, zaka zonsezi kunali july 29. Bwanji dziko, silimatha panyapanu mwachedzera kunyenga usiku onse ndiye pano mwadziwano kutha kwa dziko?

  47. guys tweeter is not an international news its a social media like fb, instrg, whtsp and many more. but about end of the word mmm God and His ministry are not ready yet for that. like the bible said we didn’t see more lets wait the time is coming!

  48. They ara fools tell them,nobody knows when the world will end even the angels they dont who are they to know the end of the world?kukhuta ndalama za chopeleka

  49. we all know these world is full of false prophets … but have u stoped for a while and think what people thought when Noah passed the msg of God about the floods that marked the End of the World… nobody bealieved him… and the results u know what happened….i’m not telling u to bealieve but sometimes we have to give some creditibility…

  50. Zikapanda kutheka zimene alosera anthuwa plz apolice muwamange cz amakunda kusewelesa Mulungu pachabe nde muwa punnishe musawasiyesiye

  51. Kodi tiri ndi milungu ingati?? Mwina mungatiuze ndinuyo..musafooketse anthu omwe amapemphera usana ndi ndi usiku….

  52. Did u help God in creating heaven and earth?were u there when adam and eve were being created?what of times of issaih,elijah and john the baptist.Go away with mental disorder

  53. Arrest them,,,,the way u arrested that hyena,,,, of a beast,,,,kudos my Malawian bro and sisters for that decision,,,,,our future generation can extinct because of such practice,,,,, kudos

  54. U remind me what Pop nd B.Obama said in the past months of the same issue.if u dnt have anything to do just go nd start selling BONYA.If the WORLD is ending tomorrow how have u prepared or where r u going.

  55. eeeeeeh ma plz xndnakozeka..Xul xndnamalize nddkiren ndyambe job,xndna marry,money zanga xndnadye eeh ma god dziko lisatheeeeeeee!

  56. Guys it’s not Malawi 24 rather I have also read it on international news including on Twitter. .
    A Malawi24 nawo angomatula zolembalemba ena .
    But am totally of the opposite opinion that this is just part of fulfilling the Prophesy of Jesus Christ.
    On the other hand it’s awake up call so we can turn to God and forsake our evil deeds.

  57. Get ready mpaka nthaw yanj? afuna atibele amenewo,inu a malawi 24 mukut bwanj pankhan malembayi?ife tonse takana mbwelera zotiuza kut dziko litha lero kwamtuu wagalu tatemesa nkhwangwa pamwala,ine mawa ndpta kuchikwati cha nzanga,kaya inu mupita kt? tiyeni mawa tikauchape wamame alemba zatha izi,asa kutereku in a malawi 24 mwalemba nkhan yanu yomaliza? mwna cmunamve bwno amati dziko kapena kulalikira kwawo kutha pa 29 july?maveravera bwino ndkut bwno ohoo!

  58. Wolemba nkhaniyi sanalakwitse chifukwa akudziwitsa anthu ena omwe sakudziwa zomwe zikuchitika olakwa ndi omwe akuti ziko likuthawo


  60. He said “no one knows the hour & day zakutha kwadziko”..Ngati mwasowa zoposta pliz ingokhalani chete!

  61. Ine chibadwire ndiye kuti dziko lindithelapo katatu Ndikuona ndi maso tsopano. Anzanu a ku Korea anaphedwapo Chifukwa cha bodza ngati limenelo haha

  62. That’s not true Mr /Mrs that shows that you don’t believe in God. What’s your vision being a christian and who do you worship between God and idols (god).

  63. Kkkkkkk only atate ndiomwe amadziwa pakali pano yesu ali mchipinda chopembedzala kuti agalu ngati awa alape machimo awo

  64. Rubbish! Does any of us know when this meaningless World is gonna end? and in any case who cares if this wicked World ends just now?. I just love “GOD” day will come like a thief. This specifically means the day when no one expects nothing,and that the sinful masses have no chance to repent and immediately be destroyed more properly without ‘mercy’ just like what happened to sinners in Sodom,Gomola and in Noah’s time. Then saying this World is ending today is a waste of time more of scholars’ failed propaganda.

  65. Sibwino kuchimwitsa anthu kt alankhule zoipa ngat mwasowa khani ndbwino kungokhala kusiyana ndkulemba zoduka mutu zomwe walembazi shatapu

  66. ine mundithandizeko kuziwa zokhuza aneneri abozawo kodi alikuMalawiko kapena kuti…..poti kumene tili enafe timangozionela papage yakumalawiyi basi?

    1. Mesa mwati mukufuna kudziwa za aneneri onyenga? Ndiye ndimakupasi malembawo kuti muziwerengere nokha, siku Malawi kokha koma dziko lonse kuli aneneri onyenga chifukwa tili m’masiku otsiriza.

    2. u lost ma point dear..sindimafuna kuziwa zoti aneneri onyenga alipati muBible noo…koma ndimafusa zoti aneneri onyengawo alikumalawiko coz kuno nkhani imeneyo kulibe yokhuza kuti lero dziko litha.ndimaziwa aliyese anganene kuti ndi mneneri ndionyenga coz azinenela zichani bible lilipo btwn lize cc.

  67. I like this coz it will re-charge our spiritual batteries, and start living together peace. I have just picked the good side of the story/video. Otherwise no 1 knows when Christ Jesus is coming again. We can c the signs described ön Matthew chapter 24 already taking place. Since WWW1 ” 1914-1918″, WWW2 – I939 TO 1945.

  68. This is madness don’t listen to this so called prophets they need your attention to join their church’s they are poor they know presence in their church’s will bring money

  69. Yesani kaye mizimuyo guys, ngatidi gululi latumidwa ndi Mlengi kuti alengeze za chochiitikachi,ndipo zikachitika monga mwa cholengezedwacho tinena kutibzoona atumidwa ndi ambuye. Koma ngati sizitero,ndekuti ndi amodzi a iwo wonyenga aja. komanso dziwani kiti Mulungu ndiwachilongosoko,monga mmene Yesu adawauzira akuphunzira aja za nthawi yakudza kwake,inde ndizoona kuti tilidi mmasiku otsiliza,komano pakuyenera kutibpachitike zinthu zingapo iye Mlengi asanadzawombole anthu ake. Gululi ndapeza kuti akuchita motsutsana ndi Mlengi chifukwa Mlengiyo ngwachilongosoko. Monganso malemba akutiwunikira kuti izi zakuonongeka kwa chilengedwe,kusowa kwa Mvula,Njala,maudani,nkhondo zivomelezi ndi,imodzi zazoyamba mmasiku otsiliza.Mmwalo muziti,konzani njira zanu popeza woweruzayo wayandikira!

  70. The prophecies of which the bible fortold about the end of the days prophets.’………They will prophessy with their own knowledge and claim that i have spoken to them’says the Lord.

  71. What A Saltless Post By Our Own Reliable Media, Should We Say You Have Sense Of Integrity, How Can You Publish This Shit, Am Beginning To Lose My Trust In You.

  72. Lets wait & see kunoso tkungodkla tione kt ztha bwanj bcoz anthu amenewonso kuno ku mneno akhala kufalisa mauthenga oti dziko litha lelo pa 29 july

  73. Kodi mwasuta chamfutso?kupenga eti mukasowa zochita muzingokhala osati muzititaitsa nthawi ndi mbwelela zanuzi ,ku mental amisala salipitsidwa ndi ulele mpofunika tikusakeni inu mwatikwana awaaaaa

  74. He meant he is divorcing his wife today and if it fails he is taking his own life.

  75. Mukakhuta chamba ndifodya mudziona zopanga post zinsilu inu kukhuta madeya yet mulung osamamuyesa ndipo siomulamula atafuna likhodza kukuthera iweo pomwe wakhalapo @nde bi carefu mukamathoka zopusa ngat zimenedzo

  76. To all those who wrote this dtupid news if you get tired with your life go and hang yourself that will be ending of your world don’t make us savage like you if u don’t have things to write just take off iyaaaa

  77. Nonsense mukungotsutsa kodi dzikoli likukoma kukhalamo, osasangalala bwanji kuti tikasangalale kumwamba, ena mukutukwana nanga litathadi mukapita kuti, simudziwa kuti Mulungu yemwe Ali Mzimu woyera akukhala mwa wanthu, ndiye akhala bwanji osadziwa za tsiku, tangolapani

  78. What a false and unrealistic article posted via our reputable Malawi 24 news. That Christ Jesus’ return is to “wage war” is extremely unbiblical, untheological and heretical and only toddlers can believe this false article. Not every thing is news worth, no wonder you even post garbage thinking it is news.

  79. ngat mukufuna ma likes ndi ma comments pezani njira yina umenewo ndye ndi utsiru kuyambira Walembawe ndi a galu amzakowo ukut aloselawo nonsenu mukanyele uko manyiiiiiii mxxxxxxxxiu get lost utsiru

  80. Malawi 24 tazilembani za sense apa, mukuona ngati judgment day ndi masewera eti? olo inu pa ma computer muzapezekapo kumaposta ngat izi, only Jah knows

  81. false prophets nd liars,they hav improper wiring man has da ansa fo da world only God has,diz Satanists r running short of fuel upstairs

  82. Ngakhale mwana obadwa yekha ‘KHRISTU’ sadziwa inu mukvenga kt zolosera zimenezi? Mukakhuta nandolo wamuwisi, just visit the toilet.

  83. dziko mumawona ngati lidzatha ngati sapato abuluzi inu analipo anzanu oduka mitu ngati inu amkati dziko litha tsiku lakuti anayaluka nazo nde ngati mwadzadzidwa ndi ma spirit tikuti ma spirit osati Holy spirit koma guys nde inuyo amene mukuti dziko litha lero panopa mukutani mukupanga chani ndiyankheni please please????? otherwise ndikupezani ndekha ngati ndi science kwambiri analiponso anapenga tikulemba pano so be careful with your false reports..for the life guide which our LORD GOD gave us known as the HOLY BIBLE tells us that we shalt not rise a false report or bear false witnesses….so take care ……….

  84. Nanu olembanu ngati mwasowa chochita, just close office and go. If you have never read a Bible, try and read one. The Bible will tell you about false prophets. If Jesus himself does not know when exactly the world will end, who are these bunch of liers you are calling ‘end time…..whatever?

    1. Frank Jumbe, it is true that Jesus said that he does not know the dates & times of his coming,but u shud kno that by then Jesus was like any other man just like u and me. it is written that it is not by you meaning ” men” to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority (Acts 1:7). But now Jesus & His Father Knows the times or dates of his coming. why am l saying this? the Bible says it all. when Jesus rose from the dead, he said that he had recieved all authority in heaven and on earth from his Father ( Matthew 28:19). not only that but, the book of Revelation Chapter 5, shows that he realy received power and authority from his Father. the scroll he received from the hand of his Father contains everything up to the end of this world including the times. u can see that the only one worthy to open and look inside is Jesus Christ. He only revealed few things to us, things that we are suppose to know to prepare ourselves.

  85. If the world is using our fuel to keep it in motion,I must agree its ending today, But if its according to God,then spare me with this joke!

  86. Ngati aneneri omwe amalankhula direct ndi angero ngakhale angero amene sanadziwitsidwe za tsiku.Ndiye anzanthu muli kuzitenga kuti? Ife musamatiuze zausatana zanuzo.Chifukwa kutha kwa dziko anatipatsa zizindikiro zochitika mu nthawiyo ndipo aliyense azadziwa popanda wina kumuuza nzake.Komanso inu anthu omwe mukudzitcha kuti, ma man of god.Ngati godi wanuyo wakuuzani ndibodza auzeni akazi anu ndi ana anu osati kuima machulu kumakamba.Mwezi wathawu munawuza dziko pa miji FM kuti mkwatulo ulipo mu mwezi wa june suutha.Akhrist onse akupita kumwamba.Koma mpaka pano palibe mkhrist amene akutiuza kuti akulogela fb kumba.Take care anyamata amasiku ano akukong’onthani.Muzimufunsa Yesu Matiki.

  87. Guys, musafulumire kumukalipira ayi , munthu ameneyu sadziwa zoona zenizeni ndiponso akufunikira kuthandidzidwa mwansanga, sikuti iyeyo simneneri ayi , ndimneneri koma wasatana NDE pakufunika kumupemphelera kuti achoke kumdimako, apa dziwani kuti ziwanda zikumukana kuti azigwira limodzi ntchito za uchiwanda . Aneneri onyenga ndiomwewa, mpemphelereni kuti awonenso kuwala.

  88. Baibulo limati tsiku lakutha kwa dziko ngakhale mwana wa Mulungu salikulidziwa ndiye izi zachokera pati? Kukhuta ma pizza basi.

  89. Whom Report To U This Nosense? Nobody Knows The End Of The World, Its Only God Knows This. Becareful Tingagwe Nazo Mkuyesedwa Izi.

  90. sori guyx muximukhululukira ameneyo ndiwachoncho akamalemba ximenexo ndiye kt chigayo cha amalume ake chikupanga ndalama anamupepetula(anamukhwimira)

  91. If the world does not end today these culprits must be arrested and answer some questions for misleading the nation

    1. Eeeh okay? So how come God don’t know the day? Didn’t Jesus told you its only God, ur God and Jesus’ God who knows?

  92. Mwakhuta khuta migayiwa yanu uko basi mukubwela ndizopusasi APA akwaa ,ngati mwatopa bwanji osakagona ,mulungu akuona ndipo azakulangani iwe woposter komaso iwe prophet waboza iwe ndi maboza anuwo

  93. Their inner wiring must have been having short-circuits,thats why their heads are not working well……The greatest signs of the day are not out yet,we are suffocating with the minor signs but believe me when the great ones come, we wont need to be told that the end has come

  94. samalan amene mukuykhra zmenezo ambuy nd omwe akdziwa osat ana achbechabe ngat inu.samalan sachdwa ndpo safulumra.ysu ndye mfumu knalembedwa bas.

  95. Nthawi yomwe kunali campaign yogwira amisala inu anakuphonyani pati…mukapeza munthu akulankhula zosaveka bwino ngati momwe alembera apamu imbani namba iyi +265888646926

  96. Anthu muku sewela ndi mulungu kwambili dziko ndi dziko ndipo dziko musamalitenge ngati prot ya gogo anu prz inu si mulungu zimakanika bwanji munthu kudziwa zankati mwamunthu nzako umapezeka kuti uku cheza ndi mzako koma osadziwa zomwe waku chalila mzako nde mukadziwe lelo za nkati mwa mulungu anthu muku esa zida kwambili ma computer anuwa kumawa tenga mwino mukama gwilitsa ntchito ku malawi pa maiko osewa ali mu africa muno dziko lozindikila likakhale malawi musama sewele ndi mulungu chonde mulungu musama fananize ndi ndi pressdent wa dziko mulungu ndiye mwini zose kufuna kuononga dziko sanga ma ononge choncho zomwe mukuganiza inuzo nose ndinu fiti satanic ndiyomwe ikuku pangitsani kuti mudzi panga zonpusazi mulungu mukundi uza zoti anga mayendele dziko ndi dziko akhoza kupanga za africa osati kuyambila malawi ndinu mbuzi za anthu ndinthu

  97. Kodi litha bwanji poti Jesus wachiwiri kuchokera kwa Mary bushiri abadwa posachedwapa muziuzana zochita musananene zabozazo

  98. nobody knows the day even Jesus & I caught that bcoz Him said but which cocrotch on earth can know????? pliz dont deceive pipo you false ……. ….amen!!!!!

  99. nthawi zina inu a mw24 mudziona nkhani zolemba , ngati palibe zingowauzani a D. Walusa aziposta mauthenga .osati izi. Ngati saziwa Yesu mwini siku lakuza kwake aziwa bwanji munthu ongofuna kutchuka ndi chuma?

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