Farmers told to embrace new farming technologies

Dr Godfrey Ching'oma

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development has asked farmers in Rumphi to embrace new farming technologies which include irrigation in order for them to make more profit.

Director of Crop Development in the ministry Dr Godfrey Ching’oma made the remarks on Tuesday at Rumphi police ground during the opening of a four day Rumphi District Agricultural Fair which is being held under the theme “Promoting innovative and diversified sustainable agricultural value addition and marketing.”  

Dr Godfrey Ching'oma
Dr Godfrey Ching’oma appreciates farmers’ work during the fair.

Ching’oma said it is high time farmers moved from relying on rainfall adding that they should find other means of making money even when there is no rainfall. He also encouraged the growers to start growing drought tolerant crops.

He further said that it is important for farmers to be in cooperatives so that they can get markets for their produce without sweating.

“It is very imperative for farmers to work in groups for them to get more markets and make more money,” he said.

Ching’oma claimed that new farming technologies have potential to boost the country’s economy.  

“As a country our economy is agricultural based so if farmers are producing a lot and making more money, the country can benefit too,” he added.

He therefore appealed to farmers to participate in agriculture fairs saying this is the only way they can exhibit their produce and meet potential buyers.

In his remarks, Peacock Seeds Corporate Affairs and Market Development Manager Horace Boti said the fair provides a platform for them to meet farmers who are the end users of their products.  

“As a growing local seed company we have challenges mainly in interfacing with our clientele and forums like agricultural fairs provide us with such. It is important to learn from the farmers who are end users of our products on their personal experience in their locale when they plant our varieties of certified seeds and hybrid maize,” he said.

Some of the companies participating in the fair include Peacock Seeds, NBS Bank, FMB, Dumisani investment and other agro-dealers.  The agriculture fair started on Tuesday and is expected to end on Friday.



  1. Nanuso mwatenga Alimikukhala makasuanu Opindura ndinu Mulimi Alichisaukile mumaziwona Zomphweka mesa inu mukungonena Simupanganawo Inu!inu!Aaaaaa.

  2. Nanuso mwatenga Alimikukhala makasuanu Opindura ndunu Mulimi Alichisaukile mumaziwona Zomphweka mesa inu mukungonena Simupanganawo Inu!inu!Aaaaaa.

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