Machinga pastors answer Mutharika’s prayer

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika’s prayer to the religious leaders on protecting people with albinism did not land on deaf ears and Pastors in Machinga district have answered to his call positively.

A group of Pastors in Machinga held special prayers aimed at protecting people with albinism after President Mutharika appealed to religious leaders to pray against the attacks.

Speaking at the function which was held at Liwonde Community Centre Ground in the district, Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs Apostle Timothy Khoviwa commended the pastors for organising the prayers that were aimed at condemning the abductions, killings, and exhuming the remains of people with albinism

Peter Mutharika
Has his calls answered.

“The president is also concerned with the killings such that he asked religious leaders to pray for the nation regarding the albino issue,” Khoviwa said.

Chairman of Association of People with Albinism in Malawi Overstone Khondowe asked government to allocate more resources in all efforts of dealing with the abductions, killings and all forms of abuse against people with albinism.

Machinga has recorded a lot of cases of abductions, killings and exhumation of remains of people with albinism such that police have done a lot of awareness on the issue.

The awareness campaign came in response to the abduction and disappearance of a two year old Ibra Pilo of Sub Traditional Authority Mchinguza of Nayuchi area and the abduction and beheading of nine year-old Harry Mokushoni of Traditional Authority Chikweo in the district.

By June this year, police had registered 20 cases and arrested 26 people in connection with the abduction, killing as well as exhumation of remains of people with albinism in Machinga.



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