Too much sex in Salima: Early pregnancies worry authorities


Authorities in Salima district have expressed concern over the huge number of students who are dropping out of school or getting early pregnancies in the district.

According to one of the district’s Members of Parliament, Jessie Kabwila, the school dropout rates and early pregnancies are on the increase in the district and says authorities are worried.

Kabwila was speaking on Monday at a meeting by Members of Parliament, chiefs, community committees and youths in the district. The meeting was aimed at sensitizing the youths the negative impacts of early pregnancies, early marriages, and dropping out of school.

Jessie Kabwila

Jessie Kabwila expressed worry at the trend in Salima.

Kabwila said the country cannot develop with such developments as more youths are involved in early marriages.

“I came here to sensitize the youths about this law which enforces the youths not to be married as they are young, they are asked to finish school first and marry later at a good age for the development of the country,” said Kabwila.

She further accused some parents in the district of fuelling early marriages and said parents who encourage their wards to get married early will be punished.

It has also been established that 38 girls in the district were rescued from early marriages and were sent back to school in the just ended academic year.



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  6. All the districts along the lake and shire river,children do not want to learn ,their education is in fishing. When they have caught and sold fish they find money more than their age and this leads them into sexing.Education to them is taken to be useless.In the end three quater of them have pregnancies.If they are boys ,get married and even adicted to beer chamber aside.

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