No apology to the US over Chanco incident 

Jill Biden
Uladi Mussa
Mussa (L) says Mutharika (R) needs to apologise to the US government.

Malawians across the country have urged President Peter Mutharika not to apologize to the United States of America (USA) government over the Chancellor College demonstrations.

Yesterday People’s Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa urged Mutharika to apologize to the US government following the Chanco fracas that prevented the US second lady Jill Biden from visiting Machinga district.

Mussa said the fracas gave a bad image to the country hence an apology should be made to the US government. However, Malawians have blasted Mussa’s call of apology arguing that Malawians are not to apologize through its first citizen.

“Uladi are you serious? Is this the best advice you can offer to the president right now? Who the hell is Obama after all? The president has more assignments right now for Malawians so you can apologize on behalf of your family….. I never expected a man who has just been honoured yesterday with outside school degree to come forward with this unreasonable idea….please tell Obama to go to hell if he is angry with us,” commented Joseph Jones on a story published on Malawi24.

Jill Biden
Jill Biden got blocked on the road.

While Winston Duncan wrote: “Who Is Obama? USA encourages demonstrations and fund them around the world. Apologise for what?. APM cannot do that, stupid idea from Uladi.”

Kaiser Falcon Morashnikov Joacquim could not hide his laughter as he disclosed that Mussa’s thinking does not reflect someone who has a doctorate. “Apology to Obama? koma ma doctorate ogulawa [These fake doctorates]. kkkk” wrote Joacquim.

On Tuesday last week students from Chancellor College in Zomba blocked Biden’s motorcade during demonstrations against fees hike as she was on her way to visit humanitarian projects in Machinga district.



  1. Ndale zomwe tikafuna ndizimenezi osati zija za mcp ai ,lero mukutuma ana kumapanga za manyi malo mokambilana ,lero anya amaliza 2050

  2. Jill Baden is the one who blocked Chanco students’ way, what was she doing here anyway. She must apologise!

  3. Nane degree yanga ndiyogula …Dr Uladi Mussa sanalakwe kupempha mtsogoleri kuti apepese. mlendoyu anali mlendo wa mtsogoleri. Uladi sakuti ana a Chanco analakwa ayi koma mlendo wadziko sanathe kukwaniritsa zomwe anabwelera. Ngati sikofunika kupepesa, nchifukwa chani timaloza chala mtsogoleri kulakwa kolakwa wina. Atsogoleri athu adziwe zoti, pamudzi pakatchuka ndi ufiti mfumu imayaluka ….chimodzi modzi fisi kunsanje mtsogoleri kuyaluka ku state house …chabwino ndapepesele … Pepani USA chifukwa cha kukweza mtengo fees mosaganizila umphawi wa anthu anga, pepani kuti simunathe kumalizitsa ina mwantchito munabwelera kwathu kuno…pepani kwambiri. Ulendo wina tidzakudutsitsani mseu omwe kuli bata ….ndanyenyeka?!

  4. Apologise for what ?? Uladi u are mad go to Box 2 Zomba . Y u make stupid urself . Pls leave Malawi alone dont take chances otherwise we wil fuck u

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  6. Kuphepesga tumatoko twawo waluwa apatheid wazatiphepesge ise stupid white people i can’t apolojayizi over my dead body let me say No! To destroy our future just becoz of white foreigner we are black!!! Stupid american

  7. It’s not only Malawian Universities that is doing this it’s worldwide now for such things happening and if there’s a problem with the issues like what the Universities are experiencing now it’s their rights to act. No sense leadership

  8. US nde zikuykhuza bwanj… zitsiru…. let us deal with this on our own.. akufuna lowelele ayambitse nkhondo anangomva kuti anthu ankangotapa Golide poyereyera mu LL river ati nawo abwere adzatapeko…kkkk

  9. apologising to a person does not make u a fool and does not reduce u listen to yourselves u speak like children if apology can make anything good i dont see why u people say no apology grow up man use your brains mnxmmmmmmmm niyangnyanyisa

  10. i can see [email protected] mr change goal z indeed changing his goal 4 another..he z a malawian,instead of being partriotic 2 his own country he z owez there 2 make somebody happy..inu ngat muzkwanxa kuliplira azbale anu dont thnk every z capable of doing dat..akuona ngat awapaxa u professor et..kkkkk!..akt awakonde azungu…bt not dis tym…its better 2 die standin dan 2 live on ur knees…dis z our malawi.. for the blacks..there won’t b any other malawi 4 the whites… over 2 u mr change goal

  11. US has not demanded an apology i guess but someone who happens to be a malawian is the one wants an apology.i stand strong on the same that if an apology will result in reducing the fees then we will do so .otherwise no one will apologize full stop,

  12. Nthawi ina kuno kuna ku rsa kunali ma xono ma president onse amu Africa akupangitsa nsonkhano anthu amkaphedwa kuno ndani anapepetsa kutola malawitu kumeneko

  13. Whether you call urself ULADI or Mussa or change goal. Wekha your atlre encouraging university students to hold demonstrations saying its their right. Anawo apanga I we wemwenso you are saying it showed a bad image kodi mumatitenga ife ngati makape?

  14. You mean are blaming the visiting US woman for coming to Malawi on her official erand which is totally difference to the issue of Chanco issue on the land??!?!!!! Listen! the US visting most powerful woman in the world jst came into this country to do her duty not about what you are talking about here.

  15. that’s great and its best for our country. these western countries their done enough to take as as the most foolish people. now its our time to face our problems and resolve by ourselves. no apology.

  16. that’s great and its best for our country. these western countries their done enough to take as as the most foolish people. now its our time to face our problems by ourselves.

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