Embrace ‘reliable’ solar energy, Malawians told

Sky solar technologies
Sky solar technologies
Sky solar technologies changing the energy sector.

An expert in solar power has urged Malawians to start using solar energy saying it is more reliable than power from Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom).

The expert, Schizzo Thompson, who is managing director of Sky Solar Technologies says companies and individuals will benefit a lot by using solar energy.

“Solar is a viable field and is the best renewable energy which Malawi as a country should focus on in both irrigation systems, businesses and home backup solutions as Escom is not and will never be reliable,” said Thomson.

With solar power becoming a popular alternative to electricity from the national grid in Malawi, Thomson’s Sky Solar Technologies has become a prominent solar energy company in the county.

The company which began its operations in Malawi has for the past year been the go-to firm for many institutions looking to have solar power installed on their premises.

During the time that the firm has been working in the country, it has made electricity possible at several institutions in the country and has proved to be a leader in the field.

The firm did it at Froja foundation, an orphanage based in Karonga which supports over 78 kids. The orphanage is near Lake Malawi and it uses pumps to get water from the lake for daily use and irrigation of their garden.

Since the pumps use electricity, it was difficult to get water using power from Escom which is not always available.

Sky solar technologies
Sky solar technologies machines.

Management of the orphanage contracted Sky Solar Technologies to install solar panels and now the foundation is using solar as the primary source of power every day.

The company has also done installations at large scale irrigation schemes.  At Iman Irrigation Scheme in Liwonde, Sky Technologies made it possible for farmers to use large solar-powered pumps to get water from the Shire River to their fields which are a kilometre away from the water source.

At Mangochi Hospital Lab, Sky designed and installed a backup system which provides solar power for 12   hours whenever Escom’s inevitable blackouts come up.



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  2. If you want to enjoy the solar energy make sure that you have two batteries connected in parallel and the regulator must not be bypassed.

    1. it will depend on ur total load current demand,thus the more the equipment used the more the number of solar modules and batteries.But it is effective & worthy investing.

    1. that are just on the stickers but contrary from the ground

      for example, in 2010 a certain health center in Ntcheu district was installed by these what we call the powerfull solar panels, but last year i was surprised to see that the patients were using their own candles, dzikoloboyi and torches and a certain nurse told me all developments

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