Mzuzu youth conduct waste management awareness campaign


Youths in Mzuzu city went door to door civic educating the city’s residents on ways of managing waste.

The operation was led by youths who play basketball in the city together with councillor for Jumbo ward Lusubilo Mwangonde.

In his remarks, Mwangonde said they have been moving door to door in the city civic educating the residents on waste management in order to ensure that they have a clean city.

According to him, they went to areas such as Katoto and residents have received the message. He further said that the residents cannot keep the city clean if they are not properly educated on the issue.

Waste management lessons in Mzuzu. (Image credit:

“The first thing we need is to let people know the difference between decomposable and nondecomposable garbage,” said Mwangonde.

He added that the youth told the residents to manage their waste by recycling and reusing some things used in their households.

The councillor then asked the residents to use the knowledge they have gained from the young people in their daily lives in order to keep the city clean.



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