Bushiri ordered to pay K30m over breach of contract

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Sheperd Bushiri’s church, the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in Pretoria, has been ordered to pay a whopping R600,000 (K30 million) to a supplier whose contract the church had suddenly cancelled.

According to reports, ECG has been told to pay the money as a month’s notice to the businessman who used to supply the church with giant outdoor mobile screens and other technical services.

The supplier, a Johannesburg businessman Kagiso Moima who owns Blackmotion Production CC, took the church – described in papers as a non-profit organisation – to court after his lucrative agreement, which at one stage earned him R160,000 (K8 million) per week, was suddenly cancelled in June this year.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Bushiri (waving): In fresh trouble.

Moima asked the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria to enforce his agreement with the church which he claimed was valid until March next year and to interdict the church from using anyone else for the supply of technical services.

The matter was settled when the church agreed to pay R600,000 for a month’s notice and to buy equipment from him.

It is said Moima in October last year concluded an agreement to provide giant screens where the church had an overflow of people during services which are held three times per week at its premises in Pretoria.

Blackmotion was initially paid R30,000 (K1.5 million) per week, but the agreement was later expanded to include other technical services at a cost of R160,000 (K8 million) per week.

Moima claimed there had been an agreement that he would provide the services until the church moved to its new building in Midland next year.

But the businessman was shocked when the church’s pastor, Fritz Pretorius, told his employees their services were no longer required.



  1. Street boy he know how to hustle in the game he can grab your money like nobody is business if you want to know anything about him go to him. He his game plan so good he is making people cry every day and night

  2. Nthawi zambili amakhala anthu ochepa amene amasangalala ndi zabwono zimene akuchita wina koma amafuna kuti dzina lidzipita patsogolo ndilawo lokha koma sibwino kutelo asiyeni anthu amene ali ndichifundo chofuna kuthandiza anthu ena osowa athandize ndithu osakamba kambili that is a blessings from God through to Bushiri so dont waste ur time to hate him plz plz

  3. Stupid people will always have a problem with Prophet bushiri, he has body guards and they see that as a problem whereas they are wired with ropes on their waists and we don’t have problem with them. My free advice is that if major1 is not on your payroll don’t worry about how he uses his money. Followers of ECG Pretoria let’s say Eyee!! Power!!!!!

  4. Fool will always be a fool thought u decide to wash ur face to look beauty inside ur very darty ,WHY ar u criticising my prophet ,if he is paying that money is’it a problem to u ,hauwa man cn u jst try to see what god is doing throught that prophet a man of god ?

    1. @Aubrey just look how stressed ur, he’s a true Prophet of God.u’r the 1 who’s nothing.you’re a not de 1 who call him men of God bt dat thing stresses u nd we cal him son of God nd we’r free nd relaxed.just assess yoself nd ask your self wat is it dat u hav to b against the anointed men of God?he dont talk abt u he dont judge u bt ur buzy stressing yoself abt him nd God is rising more in him nd u,u’l stay dat way without prospering.

  5. yes but me i can say look at bushiri he can tell u to be protected by anointing oil and rist bands but him he is protected by those bouncer Lol fact pipo wakeup

  6. Yehova sazayang’ana kulemera kwamumunthu kapena kusauka kwamuthu iye azayang’ana mtima wakowo ngati uli oyeresedwa ndamene azakadye naye limozi kuufumu wakumwamba

  7. Zomwe mulinazo zikukwanileni, remember mu ufumu wa Yehova ulibe sakho osauka, olumala, osewa zizanzo zilipo kumwamba, kungala osowa kapena olumala sikuti zimathandauza kut nd iwe osafunikila mu ufumu wa Yehova ai, tiketi yolowela kumwamba ndiko kubadwa mwasopano mwa christ Yesu basi sayang’ananso za uphawi wa muthu! Pomaliza ndikuti, There’s no name above Jesus chrst

  8. Bible linanena kuti masiku otsiliza kudzabwera aneneli onyenga ndie masikwano osamamukhulupilira munthu koma ngati akulalikira mchoonadi mmene baiburo limatiuzira agwilitsireni ntchito mau amubible aja komaso ife amalawi tikaona mzanthu ambue amudalitsa mchoona chake timayamba kumupangira majerasi tieni tifunire amzanthu zabwino mulunguso atifuniraso zabwino

  9. Why so much hatred, ,,anyway in our family we don’t stress we relax,,,,th more they publish hate articles,,,,th more multitudes flock to church n get deliverance, ,,,Major Major

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  11. when the Light want to shine the darkness Will look for all the ways to kill the true but God can’t change what i know in our family we don’t stress God is for us , any gouvernement can’t be the most ,god is god he never change the world prepared the coming of their father devol when they saw the man of God deliver People they want to put him down but our God is the living God

  12. I am the owner of Blackmotion Production. It has come to Blackmotion’s attention that an article has been published by Malawi and we place it on record that the content of the article is incorrect and has been fabricated and misleading and therefore Blackmotion is taking legal advice on the matter

  13. I am the owner of Blackmotion Production. It has come to Blackmotion’s attention that an article has been published by Malawi and we place it on record that the content of the article is incorrect and has been fabricated to mislead the general public and therefore Blackmotion is taking legal advice on the matter.

  14. Leave the Prophet alone don’t comment what you don’t know .he is a man of God don’t mix stories it just shows that you have
    Jealous with the anointing God gave him .stop talking about my Prophet

  15. Malembo amati, kunali bwino muthu uyu kum’mangira limodzi ndi mwala mkukamutaya munyanja kusiyana ndikuti asocheretse ambiri pokawalowetsa ku gahena ena amati hell.

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  17. Geoffrey Issah, one primary function of a body guard is to control crowd and pushy reporters above VIP safety & security detail that Prophet Bushir entails. Realistically the gentleman deserves that irrespective Of denominations point of thought.

    1. Dats yo blv nd we love nd believe God who send nd uses him for people to see his power not Bushiris power,he’s a true Prophet of God.stop being Jeolus God ddnt give u wat he gave him.de more u talk bad abt him de more God rise in him nd show u dat ur nothing.

    2. I don t care what ever you can say say it,but me i cant and i cant believe thi man,what i believe that God is 1,and jusas and muhamad the woss porfet of God,in quran says that thas no proft will come after muhamad,akukupimbani maso,just now you will no the truth,time is comeng.

  18. Ngakhale Jesus Christ, sanapangepo zonga izi , matengekatengekawatu bwino, there is something behind him that you can’t see with your necked eyes, be careful Guys.

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    1. Jst look at u love meaning u don’t deferiencet betwn munthu and satan may God forgv you if I were you I hve could delete that shameless comment

  20. why bushiri ine sindimuziwa ndikanakhala ndimaziwa bwenzi atamatiuza za matsiku alikuuza god says ambiri azaza muzinalanga pakuti izafika thawi my people love to money akuchita bwino kuthandiza koma malawian becareful ndithu my god is very king kulibwino kusauka mudzimu kusiana kulemela kuthupi in the last days jesus is come wodala,wodala

  21. What surprises me z that man of God moving with body guards,does this mean our true God z not able to protect him?no ill will just want to know.

    1. Why was Simon Peter and other disciplines carrying swords when they where with Jesus? Remember peter cutting a soldiers ear? Not that Jesus cannot save himself but its just protocol

    2. And what did he said when he noticed that his followers hacked somebody,did he encouraged them or he restrained them not to fight back?

    3. Geoffrey wanditacha kwambiri,they were not bodyguard but choosen disiples,and Jesus when the Judah said something bad ,he did not say he was going to deal with them,but this prophet warned Peter Mutharuka and his Government that he ll deal with him imagine.

    4. @ Goeffry Issa you said Jesus said after his disciple had hacked a soldier. So, do you know what Bushir will say after his bodyguard has chopped an enemy?

    5. so the disciples of Jesus were scared of dying thats why people like simon peter carried a sword. A person who attracts crowds need protocol otherwise they will be chipwirikiti around him, other trying to pull him, touch him etc

    6. disciples nawe kapena ophunzila osati body guard#Dominic nde ukuyankha zosemphana ndicomment basi jesus had 12 anali body guard?mulungu wanu ndindalama basi.mugwa nayo kutchuka sikuchedwa kutha kunali ena ku Nigeria alikuti,muzifunse zaMulungu woona samasewelesa.

    7. hahahahaha or tiikasathula aneneli akalewo panalibe yemwe aazikundikila kuposa mfumu yawo even ntha wi ya ahabu aneneli 400 onse amkangoti yes bwana koma mneneli modzi osadziwika koma owona wa mulungu anatsutsana nayo mfumu………nde izi zomakhAla ngati presdent mmmmmmm ndAkaika ngati ndizooona

    8. Duffy read the Bible with understanding it’s the book of life! What did Jesus do when Simon cut the ear of the one who come to arrest Jesus? Take to today’s prophets can they do what exactly Jesus did on that night? Hosea 5v4. Anyway let’s not talk much here since these things are in prophecy and let the prophecy be fulfilled coz even the crusifficafion of our Lord Jesus Christ was in prophecy thats why he told Simon kuti “Don’t you know that I could call on my father for help and at once he would send me more than twelve armies of angels?” zinalembedwa in the holy Bible about these prophets nde tiyeni tizisiye for the prophecy to be fulfilled, komano tsoka kwa iwo okwanilisa malemba.

    9. Brothers: are u accusing Men of God coz of this technological world? Do u want them to throgh away their phones n laptops? U want them to b poor so dat u can tease them as brifcase pastor who steals u money through Tithing? Know this all the profets will b judged aswell by God: you judg no one

    10. Do not wrestle with a pig coz both of u will get dirty but de pig will be happy of being dirty. Ine ndi bushiri tonse panzele prophet wachani

    11. Am not acusing brother,only want to know if this part of our new technology z underrating God’s powers, or it’s just a matter of show .off

    12. And I heard that Bushiri is selling Jesus’s blood kkkkk I was so shocked and asked myself were did he get that blood? Jesus died hundred years ago before he born (bushiri) how come a man of God selling his blood hahahaha were didi he get? false prophet

    13. I always wonder why his followers praise him like he’s their God. is that what he teaches them,to praise him? Jesus always brought people close to God because he taught them how to pray.

    14. Aslong he don’t take yo money jeolus is going to kill u 1 by 1hahaaaaaaaaaa,des nothing better ur doing all u no is to judge the sevents of God.ur messing with the wrong men of God just watch wat is going to happen to u.there a lot of thinx outside u can question abt ,Bushiri is rich he doesn’t need our money to become who he is.ur jeolus nothing else nd u’l stay dat way.

    15. Should we not point at black spot on a white shit ur beloved prophet z using?as long he post his pictures we’ll keep on pointing and criticizing where we need to.

    16. No need for that,my true God knows what am saying,so if u say deliverance I don’t know what u r trying to say to who should i be delivered?to ur prophet?not me he z urs,I only bow to only one God.

  22. These are Malawi media outlets that make us all look like fools out here. These are normal business deals, ECG was already paying millions, to cancel a contract they will pay but they must have analysed that its better to pay K30m now and buy own screams than to continue renting them, that’s just business sense. People who never worked in corporate world cannot understand the long term decision being made here. You journalist trained from grocery stores or garages in locations, you’re not helping us.

    1. Hahaha here we go again wth Mr know it all. If it was normal do u think things wud have ended in court? Which corporate world are talking about? Are you not ashamed of yourself when you r lying on facebook?

    2. When you terminate a contract, you pay damages, a company can take that loooking at the long term view. We have seen Premier League teams terminate managers contracts or players, pay them out some millions but save in the long term.

    1. wake up.. not all colours are apreciated in the eyes of everyone. you like white and silver? then go and buy a white and silver car.. bushiri likes red colour and he went for a red car, so what dear, You are a sinner too, so dont judge your friend’s sin because its different from yours

    2. Kkkkk who judge Btwn u & me? U knw what u’re talking abt coz am jst talking abt colours so U dude has gone so far,,,hahahaha same pot no wonder!! I like sx bt i dnt just do evry where to anyone,only my girl…u can like bt beware of it….women like to wear short dress until in holy place bcoz of this sheet comments

    1. He’s a true Prophet of God from Malawi very young bt the anointing of God in him is so strong nd now people a jeolus coz God ddnt giv him way he gave dis young men.

    1. kkkkkkkk I’m dead. kukwiya nkhani yomweyi. Simatama and it doesn’t mean ndlamazo ndi zake. wanena bwino by lachitatu ndlama awapatsa what’s wrong with that’s u stupid malawians. U guys r an asshole.

    2. kkkkkkkk I’m dead. kukwiya nkhani yomweyi. Simatama and it doesn’t mean ndlamazo ndi zake. wanena bwino by lachitatu ndlama awapatsa what’s wrong with that’s u stupid malawians. U guys r an asshole.

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