Sad news: Two Malawian girls die in house fire


Two children from the same family have been killed in a house fire in Kasungu district.

The girls have been identified as five year-old Bridget Mbewe and her two year-old sister Elizabeth Mbewe who lived at Chizula village, Traditional Authority Wimbe in Kasungu district.

Public Relations Officer for Kasungu Police Station Edna Mzingwitsa told Malawi24 that the incident occurred on Wednesday at around 4pm after the girls’ mother had left them alone at the house.

Malawian girls burnt

Too graphic: Filled image of the two girls burnt.

She said Bridget started a fire in the family’s house where she wanted to roast potatoes.

The fire then began spreading and within a short time the whole house was on fire.

“At that time the father to the deceased was at work and the mother had gone to see her friend and whilst there she was told that her compound was on fire,” said Mzingwitsa.

The mother rushed to her home only to find the house in flames.

She was restrained by community members as she tried to jump into the fire to save the children.

When the fire subsided, onlookers entered the house and found the burned bodies of the two little girls.

Police and medical personnel visited the scene and the post-mortem was conducted which showed that death was due to severe burns.

Meanwhile police have appealed to the general public not to leave young children alone to avoid similar incidents.