Malawi Hip Hop artists geared to combat cancer

Samuel Lungu

As one way of paying back to the community, Hip-Hop music artists in Malawi under the umbrella ‘Hip-Hop Online’ have rolled out a cancer awareness campaign.

According to Malawi’s Hip Hop Online co-founder Samuel Lungu, the campaign called ‘Fight Cancer 265 Project’ aims at combating cancer in Malawi through HipHop music.

Samuel Lungu
Samuel Lungu says the campaign is important.

“The campaign aims at combating Cancer through HipHop genre bearing in mind that Malawi stands as one of the poorest countries in the world and being one of the countries with no radiotherapy machines and limited access to medications, Malawi’s health care system has very little to offer to patients battling with cancer and one would be on the government’s waiting list forever,” said Lungu.

He further said that: ”We thought to ourselves, why not use the HipHop genre as a tool of change? To prove to the masses that HipHop music can be used to spread positivity to individuals of all ages like any other genre in the world, as an act of giving back to the community that has already given a lot to us.”

HipHop music has been strongly stereotyped over the past few years in Africa and it has received countless negative reviews from music critics condemning it as it is believed that its contents go against moral beliefs.

Cancer kills more people globally than HIV/Aids, TB and malaria, and in Africa it is becoming a growing health burden.



  1. ofcoz thas a guwd way to go but the name hip-hop in the statement ruins it all kkk,, how will they make such campaigns with words like ”am the best” ”thez no one like me” ”am number one” ”ndikudya money” ”mafana mwachepa”,,,,,,,,, without thiz then its not hip-hop its reggae,,

    1. That is the stereotype we are trying to remove from a lot of people’s mind, there other rappers and urban artists who talk to people using HipHop others change their direction because of HipHop, so why not use the platform we already have to change a lot of people’s mindsets on our music and everything

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