Mi Casa exposes weakness in Malawi music

Mi Casa

The South African house group came to Malawi for a performance at Umodzi Park in Lilongwe on 4th June which saw a considerable multitude turning up for the concert.

After what was described by the media as the band’s mesmerising performance, it had no other music business in Malawi. This is opposite to what the group did while on tour in Kenya and Uganda last month.

Mi Casa
Mi Casa showed something about Malawi music.

The three member band went to the East African nations both to perform and collaborate with artists from those countries. In Kenya they took to the studio with that country’s band, Sauti Sol, and in Uganda they worked with Eddy Kenzo of the Sitya Loss fame.

In Malawi, Mi Casa was supported by Afro pop queen, Hazel Mak, and Tay Grin, a figure with an undisputable reputation in as far as African music is concerned.

But this was not enough proof to the South African band that Malawi is rich in music talent as evidenced by their short lived stay in the warm heart of Africa.

From the look of things, the boys from the rainbow nation did not see anyone worth collaborating with in Malawi. On the other hand, the country is yet to produce an artist with a huge impact that can ensure profits once engaged.



  1. the thing iz they are the who don’t know music. I don’t like south african music coz south Africans are selfish , they only like music from south Africa and only from rich countries like Nigeria. so leave them don’t worry worry with them. they can’t give us a good recommendation, only insults.

  2. The truth is that many Malawian musicians nowadays have made up the mind to possibly taste the cream of gospel songs where according to my understanding,they benefit well spiritually and physically.Look now,no wonder gospel songs from MALAWI are good and better to listen to than these others from elsewhere.

  3. In Malawi the musicians are not united, jealousy of each other and enjoying fighting. It will be only music for Malawi not for Africa and beyond. That’s why many listen to music from outside Malawi.

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  5. Malawi 24 !! This page is nothing but a shame, your ignorance is deep and irreversible but its not too late work on that and grow up

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