MANEB satisfied with MSCE exam administration

Malawi exams

Despite the scandalous availability of some examination papers way before their sitting, the Malawi National Examination Board (MANEB) says it is happy with the administration of this year’s Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations.

According to MANEB’s public relations officer, Simeon Maganga, this year the board has registered less cases of cheating than previous years.

Maganga said although the exams met some challenges, they are happy with how most students behaved during the examination period.

Simeon Maganga
Simeon Maganga says MANEB is pleased with MSCE administration this year.

“We can confidently say that they have been so good though we met some challenges but the most important thing is that we managed to reach all students in their respective schools.

“The other factor that has led to the declaration is that the exams were not being sold on the market as tomatoes and with all these factors, we declared that the exams were good despite some challenges,” said Maganga.

He then faulted some quarters for spreading the news that there was a leakage of examination papers. It was reported that some of the examination papers were being found on the market and were being sold, a development which according to Maganga is not true.

Meanwhile, the MANEB spokesperson has admitted that the board has failed to pay administrators of this year’s exams, including invigilators and supervisors in time.

But he has assured them that they will very soon receive their allowances as communicated earlier by the board.



  1. Mukudziwa kuti tidagwiritsa ntchito ndalama zathu? Pliz give us our allowances.

    1. If you have nothing positive to say just shush OK? I don’t love you I love the beauty of your country and I don’t CARE what you say just stay away from me or just kill yoself before I retire then we will both have a point

    2. Thank you James G. Raphael for understanding my point as for you Cipho Khumalo since when do teachers pay their own allowances? If you are employed by the government you must be in possession of a qualification and that means you are clever enough to know how the system works! And please shove your nasty comments in your backside because I am not talking about illiterate people like you but your beautiful country

  2. A maneb chaka china muzaona ngati minyama supervsor,cops ndi mainvglator atakana kutsekula mayeso pokhapokha atalandira ma allowance awo.Amalawi siopusa angokhala omvetsetsa ndi osunga mtendere

  3. ife sukulu tinapanga kare makezana masiku ano kwasara kuba basi xo don,t say yur are happy coz mnaperekera kare kare mayetso kwa anthu ofunika kwa inu eeeee

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