HIV positive man given K2000 to sleep with children

Eric Aniva Malawi HIV positive man given K2000 to sleep with children

A 40-year old man who is infected with HIV has said he is tired of being given money to sleep with children.

Eric Aniva Malawi HIV positive man given K2000 to sleep with children
Eric Aniva (bbc)

The man identified as Eric Aniva revealed that he has slept with over 100 women and girls, some as young as 12. For the services, he is paid about K2000 but he claims that he now performs fewer cleansings.

“I still do rituals here and there [but] I am stopping,” said Aniva.

In Nsanje where Aniva lives and in other parts of Malawi, women and girls are forced to have sex with men known as Hyenas as punishment for having abortion or as a ritual that is conducted when their husbands die. Hyenas also have sex with girls who have had their first menstruation in order to “cleanse” them.

The communities regard Hyenas’ work as necessary for protecting families of the women or sometimes the whole communities. But such rituals have for a long time been blamed for the spread of HIV.

Aniva says he does not reveal to the parents of the young girls that he is HIV positive even though he is required to have sex with the women without using condoms.

One of the elders who organise the girls in Aniva’s village insisted that there is nothing wrong with the ritual since it helps train girls so that they should not go astray.

Asked to comment on the issue, principal secretary in the ministry of gender Mary Shawa said:  “We are not going to condemn these people but we are going to give them information that they need to change their rituals.”



  1. he has done a lot of damage to innocent souls, I still remember reading the article and I felt like throwing up and don’t understand what kind of barbaric culture is like that, as Africans we need to revisit some of our cultural values that abuse women and children. I personally believe were designed by people who are controlled by the devil

  2. 1charakwika ndi chani chifukwa he have H I V ? There a lot of people amapanga nde simuwanena coz the don’t have H I V, anawe Y the taking money the won’t sex too

  3. So should we say that Nsanje or the district’s where these stupid things wheather kulowa kufa, kusasa fumbi or whatever you call it is still happening…. people are still dead brains right? It’s cultural yes, but since you heard of HIV what have you done to stop it?

  4. Chokani apa mbuzi za anthu inu,azimai ndi azibambo aku lowershire ndi amwambo,samango vula pena paliponse iyai and mitundu ina iliyonse Ili ndi mkhalidwe wake,osamangolemba zanzeru yapa bwanji? Zitsilu mukufuna muoneke ngati ochenjera kwa asena? Nanga anthu amene akumwarila pa Malawipano ndi matenda a AIDS amenewa ndi a Sena? Agalu inu eti

  5. He is tired after being scrutinised by some foreign media. Mmm… All that time he knew it was wrong but he willingly infested those innocent girls with HIV.

  6. Chidya makanda samalakwa ama lakwa ndi anawa mrandu palibe nde inu mukamu manga mumu bwezela #K2000 yake fuso chifukwa ana lipila olo mwanayo ana chita kudziwa asana ka gone ndi nkulu yo amati aka mu yang.ana ama chita kuti #K2000 in.yoo

  7. this is one of the most evil things i have ever heard about.
    plus malawi’s government is acting all progressive and pro human rights on the international stage and then it isn’t fighting this massmurder decisivley?! i couldn’t be more outraged and shocked.

  8. guys get awake,do not be sleepy,da world has changed,I was in malawi some 10 years ago,guys let’s not allow such issues da world is changing,why do you let innocent souls to perish?educate those who are still in dark,dats totally bad,#change

    1. It’s th exact story. Some people sed he used to do it yrs bck but stil wrong is wrong and shud b condemned & stopped.
      Those British painted every African with th same brush! I hated the way they called us names, backward pipo, primitive, infested with AIDS etc. I wonder why he didn’t approach yo local news

  9. madalawa ndiachitsilu,kulandira k2000 ndikumapanga zachisembwele ndi ana,chitsilu chamunthu ndipo nkhope imeneyo sindiwe mmalawi iwe,ubwelele kwanu kumocambiq.

  10. Koma ma culture enawa ,the gvt should really do something about it before its too late

  11. Anthu ena munangobadwa otsutsa nkhaniyi ayiyankhulatso pa ma radio station akusouth Africa kuzanso pa TV ya sabc. Vuto ambirinu mwadutsa momwo nde simungavomere ayi

  12. What kind of tradition is this…pure satanic. Young girls’ future destroyed at the hands of this so called ‘hyena’. Shame on..what is Malawi gov doing.. Human Rights organizations stand up. Hyena is doing more harm. Lord have mercy. #babarictraditionmustfall

    1. The gov just know how to feed their pocket n think less of their citizens! Pathetic man hyenas live in jungle or take him to the zoo, whosoever does this kind of crap he’s ruthless n inhuman. Lord have mercy indeed.

  13. a #malawi24 nkhani zanu mmakopeladi ndaonera imeneyi ..this man was interviewed by BBC reporter ndipo palibe pamene ananenako zoti watopa inu mwati muonjezeleko…shame on you

  14. Walemba nkhaniyi ndiopenga ,ku lower states kulibe kusasa fumbi.chifukwa ngati mtsikana wagonana ndi mwamuna asali m’banja ,odzamkwatirayo sangapereke ndalama zomwe zimatchedwa maonano . MChifukwa atsikana akulower shire amakhala okhulupirika kuopa kukhumudwitsa makolo ndi phungu wake.wosamalemba zabodza mudzifufuza ngati mulid atolankhani .

  15. This is not the first time this person has made these claims. If my memory serves me right, Zodiak Broadcasting Station also interviewed this unscrupulous man in their special report. The BBC may have been influenced by the ZBS report. This is homework for Peter Murharika and his cronies. In this twenty-first century his people are living in pre-industrial revolution age. When we talk about development we mean curbing poverty and illiteracy. The guy is not entirely to blame for his behavior and acts. He finds the practice “normal” as is perpetuated by the social structures.

  16. akuti ana azikula ndi mwambo komanso akuti sangalole kuwona mwana wake akugonedwa ndi fisi in the name of death cleansing!…..damn!!

  17. Malawi. 24 musamangopeka nkhani zabodza dis story on BBC en it was interprated in awrong. way cause wat the man is saying on the video and wat is being interprated. its totally different. he is toking of kulowa kufa not kutsatsa fumbi ku chinamwali cha atsikana

  18. Dziphanani Asena Nokha Nokha Kumeneko Wagawagawa Pano Mkumati Am Tired Ukanakhala Pafupi Mkanawaza Mbama Bola Ife Gule Wamkulu Timakaona Naye Pa Zembo

  19. if its true then this Man has to be Stoned, anyamata a Mob Justice kulibe kumeneko, I think kuli zitsiru coz sinkhani yomanena kuti watopa nazo apa bwenzi tikumva kuti waotchedwa, shameless Stupid Man

    1. Kulibe zitsiru , astory was mis interpreted by nsanje there is no such kind of practice kusasa fumbi. uchitsiru sagawana .

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  21. Mmm he z a killer. wy not review to pple who ordered him to cleanse the girl early? God ‘ve mercy on innocent girls

  22. zikutheka bcz maluzi&njala better azafe ndi edzi mtsogolo kusiyana ndi kufa ndi njala lelo or mawa zikavuta maARV alipo ulele

    1. You’re full of shit it’s what I’ve observed on you! What would do ending up marrying someone who has been affected by this Margot or one of ur family member getting done by this type of men. Wake up stop dreaming

    1. This is another high class stupidity #Pat# .Whats the damn connection between the story and football? Its outmost foolishness to expose ignorance in public.

  23. Nde koma mwasala ndizachikaletu ku Nsanjeko koma ku Nsanje ndi ku Malawi koma anthu openga inu kwambili

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