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VIDEO: Police beat Chanco students

A video clip that Malawi24 has in possession has revealed just one the ways Malawi Police officers have failed to reform and are still using outdated and violent tactics in emergency situations.

In the recent protests at the Chancellor College in Zomba city, police were involved in a cat and mouse chase with the students.

However after the students blocked the road, Police invaded Campus where they started firing teargas.

Malawi Police Officers beat up Girls at Chancellor College

In the viral video clip, police officers are shown beating up two girls who were already crying.

The video shows the Campus deserted and the Police chasing someone whom they have smoked out in one of the rooms. The two girls who are visibly shaken are only surrounded by Police Officers.

The girls can be heard asking for mercy from the police officers but instead they get slaps and abuse.

Malawi24 understands that one of the police officers was shooting the ordeal on his mobile phone.

‘’Aise upange delete tu zimenezo,’’ one of the police officers who was in front of the camera said to the one shooting the video, telling him to delete the video as soon as possible.

But at the moment, the video has been leaked and has openly revealed how the law enforcers are brutal when they net people.

The incident is being condemned on the social media. Police are yet to reply to our calls on this matter. The girls are part of the arrested others who are now on bail.

The students were protesting against the recent fee hike and the stand by the University Council not to reverse the decision.

Watch the video below.