Update: Chanco students, Police in cat and rat chase


…Chanco faces closure 

Armed police officers have dispersed rioting students at the Chancellor College in Zomba.

The students were protesting against the stand by the University council not to rescind the decision of fees hike for both generic and mature students which was announced a few weeks ago.

After a general assembly around noon today, the students agreed to hold protests against the fee hike and it was all when the demos began.


Chanco could be closed.

But irate students who blocked the road that leads to the college from Zomba town reportedly broke the vehicle belonging to the dean of students.

Police from Zomba police rushed to the college where the have since dispersed the rioting students by throwing teargas canisters.

Meanwhile the law enforcers have returned to their base where they are feared to pick more officers to see to it that there is calm at the university.

Reports that Malawi24 has now indicate that there is a directive from management that the college be closed.

The students say they will keep protesting until the fees hike decision is rescinded.

But the University Council has maintained it will not revisit the decision saying the students did not have ‘convincing’ arguments in their call.




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  2. Boma likamakweza feez mosaganizira amphawi chonchi ana athu azagwira mtengo wanji? Mwana ali ku xool koma ali kundende? Apolica inu ndiye mukwanitsa feezyo?

  3. zitsilu Za chanco musadandaulenso kuti from 55000 to 400000 mesa inu nthawi yonseyi mwakhala mukukana kuti izikwela nde pano fees mwakana kwa zaka zonsezi ikupwetekani pano amene ankakana kuti ikwele fees Mbuyomu anamaliza xul yawo pano akukutukwananiso apa a pumbwa inu

  4. Fuso ndiloti wapolice adzakwanitsa feez yamwana wake akakweza to k400 grand ???? Vutoso ndiumbuli panja apolice amalowa a MSCE basi panja mbalame

  5. You think policemen are happy they are just doing it because it is their job . Even those policemen they have kids in those universities. Check their salaries if you think they are happy

  6. We Hve Not Take Alook Whle Thngs Are Goin Into Bad Maners Like Ths Coz We Are All Malawians And The Goverment Its Self Have To Look Some Challeges Whch The Mg Has And At Ths Moment The Must Not Rais Thngs Like Fees,foods,and Other Taxes And I Can Say Chanco Students They Have No To Stop Demostrating Unles Somethng Has To Change We’r Talkin Of Hunger And They Araising Fees Wat For Akufuna Sukulu Ikakanika Tizikaba Azitimanga Coz Apolice Ndi Zisilu Iwo Kasalale Kao Ndikochepa Kale Nde Ana ao Afuna Sukulu Azalipila Chan Kwa Amene Akut Mastudent Talakwisa Simaganiza Bwno


  8. Changa ndi chisoni popeza ndikuganiza ma Studentswo anakagwirisa ntchito njira ya mtendere osati ziwawa chifukwa usually oluza amakhala ma Student monga zakhalilamu kusekedwa sukulu

  9. A police wo ngakhale akutero, pansi pa mtima akudziwa kuti fees yo iwowo sangakwanitse. From 55000 to 400000 is that fair? percentage yokwezera fees ikulukulu yet percentage yokwezera salary, ing’onong’ono, anthu azitenga kut ndalamaxo? Or amene mut ma students ndi ma kapewo, inuyo olo mbale wanu 400000 mungamulipilire? Nzoona ana a chanco tinatchuka nkuvuta, koma nkhaniyi tiyeni tiione bwino bwino. Okweza fees wo ena mwa iwo ana awo amaphunzira kunja uko, izi sizikuwakhudza, akufuna kupweteka amphawi fe basi kut adzichita bwino cashgate yawoyo. Mxiew, this is being selfish. Osangonena kut Unima yasanduka ya private bwanji? Mxiew.

  10. A Police timakudalirani,thothani makape amenewo,ngakhalenso kungokhala ngati mwaphonyetsa koma mwadala ndikum’boola wina pamutu ndichipolopolo, maphunziro ndichinthu chodula dzidziwe zimenezi mbuzi zimenezo.

  11. That is a problem in Malawi. A citizen has a right to protest if he/she feels that her rights a violated in a peaceful way. But the problem is the masage goes to official who are deaf. That make pple angry and protest in a violance way like South Africans. Even if they protest in a peaceful way goverment just arrest them anywere. Come campaign for elections they promise haven and earth. But now they dont want to hear anyone apart 4rm their way.

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