Chanco student develops stove to save trees

Vincent Sinalo

In an attempt to conserve the environment, a third year student at Chancellor College has developed a stove which will be using litter and maize husks.

In his remarks during the official launch of the stove on Wednesday, the student, Vincent Sinalo, said he came up with the idea to make the stove after noticing that trees are getting depleted since many people use charcoal and firewood for cooking.

Vincent Sinalo
Vincent Sinalo brains behind the idea. (Facebook image)

He said Malawi is facing several environmental issues due to wanton cutting down of trees for charcoal burning.

Sinalo observed that deforestation has been on the rise due to the absence of good alternatives to charcoal.

“Government has been pleading with people in the country to stop using charcoal but the question is if the people stop using charcoal what will be the other alternatives,” Sinalo said.

He therefore said that the stove has been introduced as an alternative to charcoal burners in order to reduce deforestation.

The student added that the stove is not difficult to use since it uses litter which everyone considers as rubbish.

One of the lecturers at the college Mtamandeni Mtambalika said he is happy that students at the university are using skills which they gained in class.



  1. upange zinthu zina pompano upite kumidzi ukazionera wekha.umachita ngati kwanu ndikutauni mfana nawenso kwanu ndi kumidzi uwaimbire 4n makolo ako akuyankha kuti kuno ziliko.nanunso othokoza munthu wachita chiphwisi muzithokoza

  2. Thanks, next time introduce seeds which can survive during cold seasons and chemicals which can suite with the current changing of season. This is a small progres may b thats why the MG Approved it than that one who made anaerplane. We are unhappy with our Government’s plan to barn that Guye not to fly.

  3. Congrats! This is one of our greatest achievement to our Malawi Nation as a country,my plea to the Government take a big look at it and promote such national developers!

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