All set for Chewa’s Kulamba Traditional Ceremony

Chewa's Kulamba Traditional Ceremony

The annual traditional ceremony is celebrated towards the end of August each year, with this year’s event scheduled to take place on 27th August this year in Zambia at Mkaika headquarters.

According to information made available to Malawi24, organizers of the event Chewa Heritage Foundation (CHEFO), all the subordinate chiefs from Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique will pay their tributes and join in the celebrations with their people.

Chewa's Kulamba Traditional Ceremony
Chewa’s Kulamba Traditional Ceremony

“Every individual who is interested to travel to Zambia should book a place for transport purposes,” said publicity chair person Sella Chayenda.

According to CHEWO, the ceremony is a way of bringing together different Chewa chiefs and people from the three countries to present their reports of grievances to paramount chief Kalonga Gawa Undi.

Traditional Chewa dances like Gule Wamkulu, Gologolo, Makanja, Muganda, Chinamwali, Chimtalu and many others are expected to be performed during the ceremony.

In Malawi, Chewas come from the Central part of the landlocked country. As part of the Kulamba ceremony, an annual initiation ceremony for the young girls who have come of age will take place.

More than 137 chiefdoms from Malawi are expected to join their counterparts from Mozambique and the host nation.



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