Good news for prisoners and future prisoners: new law to give them a clean record


It is not really news that can make prisoners smile considering the conditions in our prisons but at least it gives a sigh of relief for the Malawians behind bars and those who will end up there.

The Malawi Law Commission says it is developing a legislation on spent convictions which will help ex-convicts stay in their communities without problems.

The concept of spent conviction involves removing from records a conviction after the convict completes a sentence. Without spent conviction, an ex-convict continues to be haunted by a criminal record despite serving a sentence to its fullest.

Prisoners can now smile to this. (Google images)

Chairperson of the special law commission on the development of legislation on spent convictions Justice Charles Mkandawire said Malawi has no legal framework that helps erase records of convicts hence the criminal record follows the ex-convict for the rest of their life.

“At the moment we do not have a law in the country which deals with spent convictions and as the law commission we are trying to come up with a special law on spent convictions,” said Mkandawire.

He further said that the proposed law will help former convicts to integrate in the society after serving their sentence and not to be referred as criminals for the rest of their lives.

According to Mkandawire, the commission has done research and has its own findings but will also solicit views from various stakeholders.




  1. I wonder we are poor ,the government don’t have money to buy soap for them,why use white uniform,wankulu wa prison wuzikhala months wamzeru

  2. Prısoner ıs a prısoner kaya akonza chanı ku ndende nku ndende bası,sıkumasangalasa and sıkuzasangalasanso mpakana kale

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