UDF MP presses for dual citizenship

Lilian Patel

Malawi could develop if it accepts dual citizenship legislation, a United Democratic Front (UDF) lawmaker has said.

Lilian Patel
Lilian Patel says dual citizenship legislation needs to be allowed.

Mangochi South Member of Parliament, Lilian Patel argues that if Malawians that are doing well outside the country are allowed ownership of property in Malawi, they could help in the development of this nation.

She says ‘’ With this legislation, Malawians in Diaspora will allowed to own properties here. This could help this nation to develop’. But at the moment, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Samuel Tembenu has disclosed that his Ministry is still working on the paper.

Samuel Tembenu
Tembenu says his Ministry is working on the matter.

“We should be able to finish work on that one and come up with legislation that addresses that aspect,”.

On why the country lacks dual citizenship legislation, the dual citizineship blog writes ‘The citizenship laws that were enacted in the 1960s served specific functions like that of nation building. When Malawi became an independent nation in 1964, it took a specific, calculated stand on Dual Citizenship.’ This was based on a need and desire to exercise its sovereignty as a newly independent state and post-colonial nation. The Malawian lawmakers that had to decide on Dual Citizenship in 1964 made this decision based on the environment and political economy of that time.

‘’This was an integral part of Malawi’s nation building initiative that worked to make Malawi competitive as a new united nation, free from colonial rule. Although this law did help to build the nation, it was also problematic.’’ The post reads.



  1. That’s what we want, that lady knows much about Dual citizen ship, not what other stupid people are saying.

  2. That’s a good move. Main educated Malawians are in abroad run way looking for better pasture some of the doing well because of that loophole, they don’t want to come there. Look your Doctors graduated all past years where are they? Some of them are doing well there

  3. Useless.What happens when we wake up the next morning only to find out all the money is gone and those thieves have sped off. Please dont panic.Think again.

  4. i always say do not talk something without pillars. if you stipulate dual citizenship then you do not have to leave it like that state the advantages comparing with the opposite.

  5. I support that clinging to archaic laws has not helped Malawi in any other way..tangoonani sports yomweyi if we had dual Khama Billiat bwezi akusewera flames pano kkkkk aaah

  6. That true lies. Mungofuna kumatilowa mnthumba amphawi za ugalu basi . mukatipatsa ma id mudzitipatsa chiyani chaphindu po gwiritsa ntchito id ?

  7. Koma nde malawi ndiosalilad pachilichonsetu.ndiziko Lamalawilokha limene lilibe ma regestrenoin.citizenship ndiyofunikira chifukwa onse mafolena amaziwika .kaya zanu izo ine sindiliko kumeneko.ife tinatenga ma citizenship akunja oti ndife mzika .

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