Flames drop with 26 steps on FIFA rankings


The Malawi national football team has slipped with 26 steps on the global FIFA rankings, in the month of July, Malawi24 can confirm.

Rankings released by the world football governing body indicate that globally the Flames have dropped from position 107 to 133- a stat that shows the team has tremendously slipped on the ratings this time around.

Flames drop with 26 places on FIFA rankings.

The Flames exited the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers last month when they fell out to Zimbabwe in Harare before heading to minute performance at the Cosafa tourney in Namibia.

The Flames are 42nd on the African continent.

Algeria are still the best-ranked African team in 32nd place, three ahead of Ivory Coast. Ghana is one place further back in 36th.

Morocco are now eighth in Africa after jumping eight places to 54th in the overall rankings.

Overall, Argentina are still the top-ranked side, followed by Belgium and Colombia.

European champions Portugal have jumped two places to sixth, while runners-up France are a place further back, having moved up 10 spots.



  1. we r in times of turmoil. 4m head to toe we r covered with wounds and maggots. Like a ship that z sinking with no hope of survival with the captain claiming things r right bt the reality speaking 4 itself.God hv mercy on Malawi as a Nation..!!

  2. Atı Natıonal mmmmmm yomvesa chısonı ndı yochıtısa manyazı ngatı ıyoo,mmmmmmmmmmm ıne ayı team ımeneyı.Manyaka natıonal ıkagwere ukooooooooo

  3. Malawi frames of fire I think you must change this name (frames) coz doesn’t do what frames do ,Do you think this name is for morality?

  4. Our Football Is Failing 2 Grow Bcoz Of This People Called {football Adminstraters} The Problem Is Not With The Corches Or Player, NO!!. Look What Is Happening At Nyasa, Should We Espect That To Contrebute Something Better 2 Our National Football? We Should Start Solving Problems From The Clubs Plz.

  5. Congratulations flames!mwayesetsa.ine ndimati mulephera koma mpaka kukhoza position 163 better zilidollar mulindi figure yabo k

  6. Congratulations flames!mwayesetsa.ine ndimati mulephera koma mpaka kukhoza position 136 better zilidollar mulindi figure yabo k

  7. Why destablising, making Malawians bz accerting talking of National Team? Just barn National team and encourage Footbal Clubs we will support it. Dont You see that this Malawi need People with the spirt of Hardworking and concentrating on Creativity not Consuming? Why not encouraging people to spend 80% of their time on Creativity? Why prasing Footbal? We dont eat, wear or improve national enconomy with footbal here at Malawi. I do b furious whenever I see and hear people spending 80% of their time on footbal issues. Dont U know that its a bznes of others? They are killing money on your ignorance believe it.

  8. it has surprised me to hear dat flame is still existing and iz havng a drop of 26 on FIFA Ranking, i thougt malawi iznt havng football players …..bt only netball players

  9. Ngati mwana akumakhoza position 163 mu class do you think there is future. Sorry my country we can’t go far because of kaduka.

  10. Tiyen Tisiye Kukamba Za Flames Chifukwa Nigeria Inayankhula Kale Kut Flames Stim Koma Ndi Mlatho Powolokela Matim Oziwa.

  11. i thnk is lack of officiation mostly the high rank,how players can pick while they do not have good salary,i thnk is better to concetrate on malawi queenz than football is not our carier

  12. Malawi national football team is waste of time they could rather dissolve the entire squad and concentrate on our league games only

  13. Ndiposo angotimvelako chisoni chabe kamba ka mavuto ali mdziko muno,timayenera kutsika ndi 50 steps, Angoopa kugwidwa BP mavuto achulukitsa mdziko

  14. Well done Walter and your fellow cashgaters masquarading as footballers. Not patriotic at all busy kumangodya ma tax athu muli phee! We deserved to drop by 50 steps! We are a sorry nation dependent on mbewa and zitete no wonder our players look like zitete on football grounds…

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