SA describes Giddes Chalamanda as grand bae

Giddes Chalamanda

In a move that may be perceived as South Africa’s snatching of Giddes Chalamanda away from Malawi, media in the rainbow nation has recognised the veteran musician.

The acoustic singer’s epic time in the United States of America could not go unnoticed in other countries with the Southern African country decorating him recently.

A South African website, Imzasi, has posted pictures of the Malawian legend having nice time in the United States, accompanied by a caption that may not go well with Malawians.

Giddes Chalamanda
Giddes Chalamanda recognized as a South African.

The pictures which expose the Chiradzulu born singer posing with sexy girls have been captioned, meet South Africa’s grand bae.

A total of four images have been shared on the site; three show Chalamanda posing with the same woman in a pink top and a bum short while the other show two young ladies enjoying the camera moment with the singer.

Chalamanda is currently the oldest musician in Malawi.

He is famous for his song titled Buffalo Soldier, a title which Bob Marley also used for one of his most popular songs.



  1. kodi kujambulisa picture ndi Rihanna does tht mean wagona naye?inuso a malawi 24 ndinu mbuli iziz aku RSA sanganene cz amakondaso kujambulisa ma pic ndi anthu osiyana siyana,taziyendani abale muziona life,tangopitani ku TETE or BEIRA mukaone mmene anthu amapangila behave

  2. I agree with the term because he didn’t go there to inspire but to have photoshoots as it was he is grand(bae) bae(grand)

  3. Point of help

    Do we say…. They also are…… Or…. They are also? If it’s wrong please admin edit and think twice before posting chifukwa ndikunyoxetsa mtundu wa aMalawi

  4. Mmmmm enanu mukaima Foto ndie kuti mwagona nae kuganiza molakwika basi iyaaa? Zidzukulu zimamuthokoza kuti maloto ake akwanilitsidwa apa osati zanuzo Mr Gide samasankha ocheza nao

    1. Ndipo amalawi kaya tidzatsekuka mmaso liti I don’t c any problem there kutenga pic limodzi ndie kut agonana nae muthu asamunyadire heeeeee…..DZUKA MALAWI DZUKA

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