Anyanyala: Opposition MPs walk out of parliament


There is no stopping of drama in Malawi’s Parliament and today opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) left the house after a heightened verbal wrangle with government legislators.

The bone of contention for the verbal war was the Land Bill. Government through Minister of Lands Atupele Muluzi had maintained that they will not take into considerations some core amendments to the bill under question.

Only govt MPs remained in the Parliament.

The minister said government would not accept amendments on a provision that gives  it control of every land and not local leaders or chiefs as it were.

But the opposition MPs stood against this and said the government was being greedy and was depriving people of their own land in their communities.

One of the opposition lawmakers questioned: ”This is not empowering people we have been calling for. Why must they control everything”?

It was after the debate went haywire that the lawmakers left the house leaving government MPs only in the house.

And when they were going out of the House, they were being shouted at and of course, mocked for what the government MPs said was ‘frustration’.

Later on the Bill was passed. But The opposition MPs have since indicated that they are let down with the government on the matter.