Catholic Church worried over lack of interest in priesthood

Catholic Priests

Bishop Emmanuel Kanyama of Dedza Catholic Diocese has expressed concern that people are neglecting God and are not showing interest in becoming priests.

Bishop Kanyama made the remarks during the ordination ceremony of five deacons to priesthood at a colourful ceremony at Msipe Parish in Ntcheu District.

“These days God’s calling is hindered by human pleasure and happiness as such it is difficult for people to follow God’s calling to priesthood, brotherhood, sisterhood and marriage life,” Bishop Kanyama said.

Catholic Priests
Catholic Priests still in fear number.

He further said everything created by God is good and should be used to glorify his name but he expressed concern that most people have turned much of their attention to material things and neglected God. The Bishop then commended the newly ordained priests for their perseverance and hardworking throughout their way to priesthood.

“I wish you well and advise you to dedicate your lives to serving God and abide by all ethics of priesthood and teachings of the Catholic Church, otherwise I will not hesitate to call you for disciplinary action, as a good father punishes his children for disobedience,” Kanyama said.

The five deacons Lazarus Magonde, 30, Alfred Kalumbi, 29, Joseph Biliati, 29, Emmanuel Tchuma, 31, and Mathews Chimtendere, 30, were ordained as Diocesan priests.

The ceremony was attended by the Vice President Saulos Chilima, several priests, nuns, brothers, government officials, Paramount Chief Gomani V and the laity of the Catholic Church from all parts of the country.



  1. right now as pope francis has announced the right to gays am no longer interestd in cothorim bcz you can nt right to gays, i this pope z stupid person he himself is a he devil wy continueing being a catholic? and if read the bible on jeneses 19:1 the doom of sodom ndi gomora ndi chifukwa cha ma gays. Komanso ndi bible liti lomwe analemba kuti ansembe sakwatira poti bible ansembe onse anali ndi ana sono awa acatolicawa anaztenga kuti za xiwanda xawozi?

  2. Not surprising,Pope is the sole architect and leader of those straying young and one wonders if at all the bible supports gays who are today getting full backing from the Roman church under this counterfeit leader

  3. I feel sorry to those pipo who comment stupid comments because of their ignorance.. If u don’t know about the beliefs of other churches why r u busy critising them…most pipo here ur bursy criticizing the Catholic Church…but u don’t know it’s doctrine… Ambilinu ndi mipesa u always think u r right and ur friends r wrong…the more u criticize on something u don’t know the more u become a fool….if u want to criticize join, learn and criticize……….

    1. Which doctline in the bible tells u to worship idols?? I was in catholic befere but read ur bible carefuly and understand it. Read Exodus 20:1-6 please dont follow the doctlines of the church follow ur bible.

      1. All religion is foolishness.The bible is a book of fairy tales and your god,like all other gods is a delusion in the minds of the mentally ill.

    2. Yomba Lowole you r the pipo fooling others… Which Catholic worships idols… Just because u dint understand the faith don’t think where ur the r very collect… If you talk of doctrines, in every church they is a doctrine…. It is just a guideline….. Remember the first pope for this church is Peter……. Learn, understand, ask and criticize later….bwana yomba Lowole don’t criticize if u don’t know….

  4. The desire to commit fraud and steal from your family and friends must be losing its appeal.

  5. Zimasilirika kale izi.koma lero zinalowa china m’bambo nde akukonda zigololo kuposa munthu wapabanja.kumunamiza mulungu adzakulangani

  6. Becoming a leech and committing fraud against your neighbours and friends has lost most of its appeal.

  7. The priests these days are not working as role models. Which parent can these days, encourage his son to join priesthood while the priest had just been caught sleeping with a wife of a clergy man? Spending much of his official time boozing? Eeeeh,ndani???

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