UPDATE: Zomba shooting incident under probe


We can confirm that police in Zomba city have started investigations into a failed armed robbery incident that happened yesterday at one of the shops in the city.

Two robbers shot a businessman of Asian origin after he had resisted to give them money that they demanded in his shop- Fair Price Shop which is just a stone throw away from H.Adams Wholesalers.

Get the incident as it happened through the eyes of witnesses here.

Zomba shooting: Businessman shot by robbers



  1. Iweyo Thomas ukuyenela kupepha chikhululuko kwamulu mmodzi usamuphatikize ndi chilichonse please uyesese kupanga tawbar….ameen

  2. You stopped the investigation of Njaunju long tym bck n u r after this, y? Start that one of Robert Chasowa, then Njaunju n this one shud b on nmbr 15!

  3. Which police!the same that makes people to steel or another new police?they want to be rech again so they are looking there own money even they are working.

  4. why starting another investigation when you are failing to finalise several investigations you started, njaunje,albinoz, chasowa, 577bn jst to mention a few.

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