Malawi’s consumer price index worries Cama

John Kapito

The Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) has expressed concern over the country’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) arguing that the Malawi should review its inflation basket to make it more accurate.

According to Cama, the basket of goods and services is affected by few commodities that detects the price adjustment for all goods.

Speaking to the local press, Cama executive director John Kapito said in Malawi maize and fuel prices affect prices for other goods on the land.

John Kapito
Kapito says the trend is worrisome.

“Our basket is 60 percent dominated by maize and fuel while 40 percent is the inflation, you can see now that the prices for maize and fuel have gone up and now the market is responding to that with price hike on goods,” said Kapito.

He added that consumers in the country are greatly affected by the current computing system.

Consumer Price Index CPI in Malawi decreased to 226 Index Points in May from 226.60 Index Points in April of 2016 as people were in the harvesting period.

However, the CPI is expected to go high following fuel price hike and maize scarcity that has since led to high price of maize. Inflation is also to take a role following a hike on tax on goods to support the 2016/17 national budget that heavily relies on domestic revenue collection.



  1. We need to join hands with unima students who have organised a vigil to force Unima council to reverse it’s decision hiking fees. Unima is a public institution mandated to help malawians. It receives a subversion every year from the taxpayers. Tax from the poor malawians. Increment of more than 50% is unacceptable considering the economic situation in this country. The same council has said time and again that it can not raise salaries for lectures by 50% citing economic situation. Even the gvt is failing to raise salaries of civil servants due to the same economic issues. Is the economic situation better only for unima students? Are unima students not sons & daughters of these poor civil servants? The action of Unima council is to promote the rich to become richer and the poor to be eradicated. Survival of the fittest. The poor to live without any hope. Let’s stop this nonsense. If anything bwenzi akukweza pang’ono pang’ono. Students are already struggling today. Living in poor houses staying without food and failing to pay fees. Yet you people mercilessly hike fees 275,000 to 900,000. Yeleyi yakuona?????????

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