Escom hits at Malawians: You are to blame for electricity shortage

Escom Malawi load-shedding

The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) has blamed Malawians for being behind persistent blackouts in the country arguing that deforestation by citizens has led to low water levels in Shire River.

The development comes at a time when blackouts are the order of the day across the country.

However, Escom has disclosed that the situation is to go worse following a fall of water levels in the Shire River.

Speaking to the local press, Escom spokesperson Kitty Chingota said the company is now regulating water flow at 160 cubic meters per second against the required 260 cubic meters per second at Liwonde barrage.

But she was quick to mention that the problem at hand has been due to poor rainfall following El-Nino that hit the country.

Kitty Chingota
Kitty Chingota says wanton cutting down of tress is a big problem.

“First of all, we had poor rainfall in the country and our electricity is 99 percent hydro based generated, but also citizens are also to blame for cutting down trees along our catchment area for charcoal and timber,” said Chingota.

Meanwhile, Malawians have expressed concern over the current situation of blackouts arguing that businesses which rely on electricity are being affected.

“We are not to do our businesses as usual, because of electricity, we are having power supply only at night, by 6am the power is already gone, our electricity company must do something,” said Patricio Wochi from Chiradzulu district.

John Mbewe from Machinjiri in Blantyre said: “I now go back home with only K1000 or less these days because of blackouts, the situation is just too much.”

To help in meeting the electricity demand in the country, Escom is currently installing diesel power generators while also implementing the Malawi Mozambique power inter-connection project.



  1. It’s really reached a point were all we can do is watch as escom keep making excuses and find the dumbest reasons to blame the customers instead of actually finding means of alternative sources that we as Malawians can utilise during this so called crisis that we are blamed for ??

  2. People resort to use of firewood because electricity tariffs are too high making electricity unaffordable by an average Malawian…

  3. That’s rubbish its you ESCOM encouraging deforestation, count how many poles are erected in this country and where are these poles coming from? You blame yourself coz you lead to the mess of of this country!

  4. Did the ESCOM take part in afforestation or Reaforestation? If not how can people get their point? Most of the Department took part in planting or replanting trees knowing that 3/4 of population in malawi depend on trees to cook . U r coming here saying fwe fwe fwe fwe fwe!! Like your nationality is a Canadian

  5. zotsatira zaumbava ndizimenezo , mukulephera kugula zipangizo zabwno kut mwina vuto lakuzima kwamagetsi mdzko mwathu muno mkucheoako , mkumadzanama pamaso pa a Malawipa “, Do u think we are Fools ?

  6. What a shameful lie who dont know that this water level problem have affect some countries in africa including malawi because of elnino.?

  7. kupusa basi osangovomereza kuti ndinu olephera bwanji kuno ku S/Africa magesi akutha 8months osazimako koma mitengo ndichepa mitengo yake iti m

  8. It’s high time Escom gets on top of the game. Get to books with the relevant environmental authorities to cub the situation this blame game won’t take us anywhere. its time for action not blame game.

    1. Maybe instead of wasting more money of taking out the trash a good way would be to start investing in planting of trees along their catchment areas and make them protected areas

  9. most people use charcoal for cooking because cannot afford electricity becoz of Escom`s high tarriffs its a problem created by Escom themselves they should reduce tariffs and people will stop using firewood and charcoal for cooking!

  10. Its everywhere that problem am here in south African & am staying in sabab near Nelson Mandela house koma dzulo lonse kunalibe power, siku Malawi kokha

    1. @ Kadango ! Akulu you need to be schooled or you want people to know that you are in J,burg ? The issue here is frequency of blackouts, better stop commenting issues which Malawians are experiencing!

  11. Electricity Shortage Is Every Where, Even Here In Zambia Whe Also Have The Very Same Of Loadsheding Which Has Been As The Result Of Water Shortage In The Kariba Dam Where Power Is Generated Frm.

  12. Electricity Shortage Is Every Where, Even Here In Zambia Whe Also Have The Very Same Of Loadsheding Which Has Been As The Result Of Water Shortage In The Kariba Dam Where Power Is Generated Frm.

  13. We blacks just love eating and eating and no investment. We have bn spending 85% of our budgets on consumption and 15% on infrastructure development. That’s why as demand for power increases, we do nothing but watch. Until when matters are bad, thats when Africans wake up to realities.
    Consumption is more valuable among us blacks than investment…

  14. zabodza zimenezo osangonena kuti zolowa libolonje bwanji,masiku enawa a mmbuyumu samazims bwanji water level inakwera?zikutinyasa ife zozimazimazo zatikwana mukatero bill pobwera khooo

  15. Escom, ma companies akudula ma poles kukugulitsani inu pano mwayamba kuwanena kuti amalawi akubweletsa deforestation, muli ndi nzeru koma? Osadzala yanu mitengo bwanji?

  16. poor management if ur falled just sell ur nonsense company ikabwera mvula kwazaza zinyalala pano mukt low water mukufuna amphawife ama barbershop ndi ma saloon titani???

  17. kkkkkk zosekesa bwanji,anthu akuwapanga blame amakhala kutchile kopanda magesi nde asokoneza bwanji,njira masiku ano zamphamvu za magesi mbwee bwanji osayamba solar system,wind ndizina ngati zamadzi zakanika komaso zotchipa.simungakwanise kuongolera mayendedwe anu anthu muzayesesa koma simuzakwanisa pemphani mwini analenga dziko akulamuleni poti amaliziwa bwino kwambiri muzingosasilana zilizonse apa.Yeremiya10v23.

  18. Aa eskom ngati zakuvutani pephani magetsi kwa anzanu ku mozambique musatilalatire mumatenga makobili anthu.

  19. Zausilu,its your poor management,sastainable development is lacking in your organisation,u only think of the present and not the future

  20. Like always nothing good from you Escom what you know more is to pocket up or take money from people.Malawi is coming poor just because of Escom they think that they are wise doing nothing but busy driving good cars and cheating people.when do we produce good results and up to when should we continue cry for the poor mind of people knowing only to steel not to work as what people need.

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