Chanco still an active participant in the forthcoming Unima vigils

Chancellor College Great Hall

University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) has rebuked memos that are circulating showing that Chancellor College (Chanco) will not participate in the forthcoming vigils against UNIMA fee hike.

According to a memo that Malawi24 has seen, the vice president of UMSU Godfrey Pumbwa has said Chanco will fight until something changes.

‘’I want to state it clearly that the memo that is claiming my name and signature saying that Chanco has pulled out is fake. It is unfortunate that someone wants to use my name for his/her personal goals. That memo does not have UMSU letterhead and it wants to confuse us therefore pay a deaf ear to it.”

Chanco students were reported t have pulled out of the vigils.

“I want to say in black and white that Chanco is not and will never pull out from these vigils. Chanco will be in the forefront and will lead from start to the end. We will never get tired until what we want is addressed,” said part of the UMSU memo.

The memo further said that people should know that any communication coming from UMSU’s office will be encouraging and not discouraging vigils.

University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) has organized the first ever UNIMA vigils to force the Peter Mutharika government to reverse its decision of hiking UNIMA fee from K275, 000 to K400, 000 per year for normal entry students and from K275, 000 to K1, 200, 000 for mature students.


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