Teen sentenced to three years for theft


Oscar Layero, 19, has been convicted and sentenced to three for breaking into a house and stealing property.

The Nkhunga Court heard that the convict broke into a house at Chizuma Village, Traditional Authority Mphonde in Nkhotakota district and stole assorted items.

CourtHe was found guilty after the Prosecutor James Muyira presented facts in court.

In his ruling His Worship Kingsley Buleya sentenced Layero to 23 months in prison for the first count in and 12 months in jail for the second count.

Layero hails from Chizuma village, Traditional Authority Mphonde in Nkhotakota.



  1. You can’t post every story about it,,,, we need much more fascinating,, strange, awesome, awkward, intriguing, disgusting stories,, not the obvious useless stories of breaking into a house and stealing,,, unless there is murder Involved,,,

  2. Ameneyo mtayeni muyambe Mai Joice Banda ya Cashgate anathawa bwanji dziko la Malawi kokhala kwao kukakhala South Africa. Sikuthawa cashgateyo za manyi eti.

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