Lets do business: Malawian man offers his own son for sale

For sale

In what others foolishly say is using the available resources to meet the economic demands at household level, a Malawian man is in the hands of police for putting his own son on the market.

Police in Kasungu district have arrested Kennedy Benesi,32 for offering his 9 year old son for sell.

According to police, Benesi was arrested on 3 July, 2016 after the man who the suspect approached to buy his son informed the police.

For saleIt is said that the suspect went to the reporter’s shop (name withheld) on 29 June,2016 and told him that he wanted to negotiate a deal with him and when asked he told him that was selling his 9 year old son. Considering that the suspect was drunk this day the man did not take him seriously.

”On 30 June,2016, the suspect approached the reporter again while sober and talked about the same business. This made the reporter suspicious and informed the police. They agreed with the suspect to meet again on the 3 July,2016 at the reporter’s shop for the process of selling and buying to take place. On the mention date, Kennedy Benesi brought his son at the agreed place and two Police officers pretended as buyers. They negotiated the price from K1,500,000.00 to K1,300,000 after which he was arrested upon getting evidence.” a post on Malawi Police Facebook page went.

The suspect will appear before court soon to answer the charge of Selling a Person as a Slave which is contrary to Section 267 of the Penal Code.

Kennedy Benesi hails from Nduwa village,Traditional Authority Wimbe in Kasungu district.



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