Man found dead on a bicycle

A 66 year-old man identified as James M’dala was found dead on Friday with his body still on the bicycle he was using on his way to Mangochi from Balaka.

According to Joseph Lodi, a grandson to the deceased, his grandfather left home for Mangochi by bicycle at around 3am with intent to visit his relatives.

rip“But at around 11am the same day the man was found dead with his body still intact to the bicycle he was riding at Mzimundilinde Village along Mbera-Ulongwe Earth by Richard Chikapa who at this point in time was on his way back from the garden,” Lodi said.

Chikapa informed the Police about the incident. According to eastern region police police public relations officer Autilia Kumanga, a visit by CID personnel revealed that the dead body had no cuts or any violent marks.

“At the meantime the dead body is at Balaka District Hospital Mortuary pending post-mortem,” Kumanga said. So far, Police say they are not suspecting any foul play.



  1. Mmmmmm mwina osamva ndineyo ndingosiya kuwelenga ndawelenga katatu osamvesabe I’m comfusd MAN DEAD ON A BYCLE ?HOW I ask my self

    1. transport yake yaambuyanu anamwalira aja sumudziwa kt ukapalasa njinga kwambiri umatha kufa nanga mutakwera bus mungafe kamba kakutopa?mapazi anu

  2. People who obviously have grammar issues are the ones making a fuss about how it’s written. The story is straight forward and clear. This lot of whiney comments would have made sense if you were asking for more information because after reading I was curious as to what position the bike was in……upright or down on the side? Basically the argument should be on adequacy of information not English grammar.

  3. RIP,komabe mafuso osalephela ngati Anthu kukhalanawo. kodi njingayo inali yokuba?kapena yake. nanga zinakhala bwanji Anachita ngozi? nanga popeza njinga imadalira Balance nanga zinatheka bwanji kufa adakalibe pa njinga pompo?.

  4. Malawi 24,khalani Serious How Come Aman Dies While On De Bicycle,ndithudi He Might Fell Down; Please Next Tym Try 2 Explain Thoroughly.

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