Govt playing games on Issa Njauju gruesome murder 

Issa Njauju

Human rights activist Timothy Mtambo has accused government of delaying investigations on the murder of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) official, Issa Njauju.

Issa Njauju
Issa Njauju; Was mercilessly killed.

Mtambo argued that there is no will from the government to have the suspects being brought to book following the murder over a year ago.

“It’s sad that out of many lives we have lost, the 20 July, Robert Chasowa, and now our brother Njauju, justice has not been delivered and I see hide and seek games on the case.

In Malawi we have a problem of sitting on things that are wrong, we worship impunity,” said Mtambo.

Mtambo added that the delay gives people the impression that some top government officials are behind the murder.

“What will be wrong for us is to conclude that politicians are behind the murder because in the case of Chasowa we saw top government officials having a hand and when police officers are involved cases stuck forever, my question is that is justice for some people not the same for other people?,” added Mtambo.

Timothy Mtambo
Timothy Mtambo says the murder needs to be investigated thoroughly now.

Malawi police arrested fellow officer Christopher Naphiyo in connection to the murder of Njauju as a second suspect to the case.

Police also arrested Frank John as the first suspect and charged him with murder after he was found with Njauju’s mobile phone.

However, the suspects are yet to be tried as police claims that that investigations are underway on the matter.

The late Njauju went missing on July 2, 2015 and his body was discovered two days later behind Presidential Villas in the capital Lilongwe.

Post-mortem results revealed that Njauju’s body had bullet wounds on the neck and stomach.

His official vehicle was later found burnt along Ntandire Road within the city.



  1. A polisi tikuwayamikira nthawi zina akumagwira ntchito zabwino kuno ku KU anafufuza bwanji munthu anaba kamwana kacha alubino mpaka kuwapeza onse oganiziridwa kodi tinene kuti ya Ngaunje ikubvuta pati apolice mukulisia dziko ndimafunso ambiri osapezeka ndi mmodzi yemwe ngati zomwe mwachita ndi za mainterview akwanuko tithandizeni kuti tipitilire ku khala nanu chikhulupiriro tiuzeni zoona

  2. Kodi mukamati Boma lifufuze za imfa ya lssa mukuona ngati zingatheke ?? Chala sichiloza mwini anthuwa amaphedwa ndi akuluakulu ogwira ntchito govt,kenako akapha azitipusisa kuti afufuza buanji za Robert chasowa zinaziwika?? Nyero za mao

  3. Ana amunthu amemeyu avutike chifukwa cha upelezidenti wako peter muthalika??? God is here with his family , you won’t last longer Peter ngati sucjitapo kanthu, believe you me, you are done hell.

  4. Mr president and your Cohorts be reminded that you are employed by Malawians to save them. Its not by your choice.There are many issues you deny malawians their Rights to know.Its unfortune that you keep your Employers(Voters) in dark about information malawians deserve to know.Apart from Njauju and Chasowa deaths.You also deny malawians to know about 577bn cashgate,Tractors, MSB and why you are afraid of ATI BILL.Mr president we are waiting for answers to these issues.And we shall not Relent.

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