WhatsApp treason case: Police not ready with evidence

Jessie Kabwila

Due to lack of evidence in the treason case against three Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials, Malawi Police has extended bail for the politicians to August 1, 2016 in order to pave way for investigations.

MCP lawmakers Jessie Kabwila and Peter Chankhwantha as well as member Ulemu Msungama were arrested and charged with treason and sedition following a leak of a WhatsApp chat that led the police to believe that the three were planning to take over government.

Jessie Kabwila
Kabwila: Was arrested with other MCP officials.

But speaking to members of the press on Thursday at Area 30 Police Headquarters in the capital Lilongwe after the trio’s bail was extended, Gustave Kaliwo, the lawyer representing the three, accused the police of torturing his clients even though there is lack of evidence on the matter.

“The bail application has once again been extended to August 1, 2016. We don’t really understand their real intentions on this matter though they keep on saying they are investigating. But as earlier said, we thought the time they were arresting my clients they had imminent evidence to take them to court. This is based on the circumstance the three underwent upon their arrest in February.”

“Just to keep them travelling and reporting for bail application it’s a torture and unnecessary hardships to the clients. We want this to stop. If they don’t have sufficient evidence they should come clearly to us otherwise we are planning to take another step to stop with this once and for all,” said Kaliwo.

Earlier this year, Malawi Law Society (MLS) blasted the Police for using the WhatsApp chat to arrest the three arguing that the messages were part of the politicians’ freedom of expression.



  1. Accusing a person without a thorough evidence is illegal and the police has committed an offence,,,they shud be arrested themselves,,kkkkkk.

  2. The question remain why the warranty of arrest was issued if they was no solid evidence? If they is no enough evidence what charges were arrested for? And who pressed those charges. It sound like its politically motivated charges. That why i say Malawi justice system need to be revised. As far as i know. If they is allegations, the first step is to conduct investigation to avoid false alarm. Then if the investgation have gather enough evidence. They must ask warranty of arrest from the court. Then procced with arrest then trail b4 court. Afulumira kukodza asana pirisire. Thats why we c lot of pple are convicted of crime they didn’t comitte. Nanga mukati tiri ndiufulu, ufulu wake womwewo. Only for pple who are in ruling party. Kodi kukhala waOpposition ndimlandu. Kukhalila kusakana mlandu, osasaka chitukuko. Now they will definetly plant evidence.

  3. Hahahahahah monse muja sanapezedwe evidence? So they arrested for wat? Wat evdence they r looking for? To whom? kkkk manyaka a police ndithu they just drop it if they dont get evidence zotumidwa ndizovuta

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