The object caused an unrest.


‘UFO’ lands in Malawi

By Malawi24 Reporter

June 30, 2016

An initially Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) caused a scene in Ntcheu district on Wednesday evening when it mysteriously landed at the district’s bus depot.

Residents flocked to the depot to check out the object which was later identified as a helicopter.

The object caused an unrest.

According to sources, the helicopter was coming from South Africa and going to Mangochi but the pilot was forced to land in Ntcheu after the chopper’s GPS developed a fault.

The occupants of the helicopter were South Africans Francis Maritz, 55, and his wife Christine Maritz, 53, who were going to Makokola to meet up with their friends who also used similar helicopters and got to their destination without problems.

But the two had a problem with the light as it was getting dark, as such they decided to land and ended up landing at newly constructed depot in Ntcheu.

The police went to the scene of the incident and they made sure that the two South Africans were accommodated at a lodge.

The law enforcers also deployed some officers to guard the helicopter.