Village headman rapes eight year-old child


Police in Kasungu district have arrested a 55 year-old village headman for raping an 8 year-old girl.

Kasungu police public relations officer Edna Mzingwitsa identified the suspect as Damiyano Puye of Mthumirayani Village, Traditional Authority Lukwa in the district.

According to Mzingwitsa, Puye sexually abused the little girl three times during the month of June, 2016. The abuse was revealed after the victim’s mother noticed that the child was having difficulties when walking. When she questioned her, the little girl disclosed that the headman had raped her and had warned her not to tell anyone about the ordeal.

crime (2)The mother reported the matter to the area’s group village headman who ordered community policing members to take the wicked chief to police.

A medical examination showed that the little girl was indeed raped. The suspect has since been charged with defilement contrary to section 138 of the penal code.

Damiyano Puye hails from Yeremia village in the area of Traditional Authority Lukwa in Kasungu district.

In a related development, the Kasungu first grade magistrate court last week sentenced a 39 year-old man identified as Samson Phiri to 14 years in prison for raping a 14 year-old girl.

Mzingwitsa said Phiri raped the girl in January this year. On the day of the rape, the victim met the rapist’s daughter who told her that Phiri wanted to meet her.

But when the victim got to the Phiri’s house, the rapist dragged her into the house where he raped her. The rapist later gave the girl K3000.00 and warned her not tell anyone. The girl however reported the matter to her mother who later reported the issue to police.

In court the suspect pleaded guilty and said it was work of the devil. He asked the court to be lenient with him because it was his first time to commit the offence.

But Kasungu first grade magistrate Damiano Banda said that Phiri displayed very bad behaviour by molesting a young girl. He later sentenced him to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour.

Samson Phiri hails from Mwimba village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Kawamba in Kasungu district.



  1. what????? but why Malawians??? why are these people acting as something, not as people?? these headsmen were supposed to show to us good morals but see what they are doing!!!!! he is to be given i guess a very heavy punishment……… God is going to judge!!!!

  2. Nothing like rape its having sex. Todayz girl amadelera kwambiri azibambo & anyamata akufunika kunyengedwa & kunyengewa kwambiri. Ati ufulu amayakhura motubwa kwambiri, kumayenda atavura.

  3. winayo anagwililira mfana wa zaka 14 mwampasaso 14 years in prison ndiyekutinso mfumuyathuyi ayipasa 8 years in prison mesa wakwapula wa zaka 8 bolani wazaka 2 ndiyekutinso ku prison 2 years kkkkk koma guyz pamenepo mfumuyi yagwililira pamenepa ku kwapula 3 times these months mmmm amagwilizana zangovuta kuti kanambala 3 koanawapezelela koma sanagwililire rape ndimaiziwa 8 years wankulu ameneyo ngati anthu akudya nkhuku ya week imozi what about 8 years gelo mmmmmm

  4. thats obscenity! No shame 8yr old? What message is she getting from grand parents? Agogo amuna bad signal,very awkward kuzolowela kunena wana kuti”akazi wanga” zamkutu, ameneyo mpatseni 25y

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