Respect God’s will and enjoy marriage – Mark Kambalazaza

Dr Mark Kambalazaza

The Charismatic Redeemed Ministries International (CRMI) has urged on Christian families to stick to God’s principles of marriage for a successful living in these end times.

Archbishop Dr Mark Kambalazaza, made the call on June 18, 2016 when the church conducted a marriage seminar at the CRMI headquarters in Ndirande, Blantyre, under the theme ‘Defending End time Biblical Marriage’.

Dr Mark Kambalazaza
Dr Mark Kambalazaza made the call.

Dr. Kambalazaza said it was sad that there is a lot of opposition to the Godly set institution of marriage as the world tries to embrace equality between men and women.

He pointed out that God never created man and woman equal as far as the headship of the family is concerned.

“If we want to enjoy marriage, let’s follow the guiding principles of God as laid out in the Bible, We should not try to correct God’s will on marriage by claiming to be advancing issues of gender equality. God is all wise and is pleased with the status quo where man is the head,” said the Charismatic leader.

He said even Sara submitted herself to Abraham and called him lord. He also cautioned men not to fall into the temptation of abusing their headship citing 1 Peter 3 vs 5-7 in which God is calling upon men to respect their wives in reciprocal of women’s submission to them.

A cross section of participants at the seminar.

Participants at the workshop were happy, describing the seminar as timely as they have been equipped with the armory to defend their marriages at the time when the Christian families are faced with a lot of teaching on marriages that is not drawn from the bible.

Similar seminars are expected to be conducted across CRMI churches as the word of God declares on Proverbs 18 vs 15 that an intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.



  1. That’s the teaching true Christians should embrace!
    Christianity must prevail and observed at all cost!
    And that should be the fountain on which marriage should be built!
    Well orchestrated Pastor!

  2. Not only is your god sadistic and evil,you now declare that it is also misogynist.Women are the equal of men and in most cases,the superior.We are lucky that all gods are also imaginary.
    Don’t waste our time stating that christians have principles when the only thing that matters to them is how to keep the collection plates full.

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