Man gets 10 years for raping, impregnating granddaughter


The Mangochi magistrate court has sentenced 70 year-old Kazembe Mkwinda to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour for raping and impregnating his 13 year-old granddaughter.

State prosecutor Efford Kamphonje told court that the old man used the closeness that he had with the Standard 7 pupil to rape her three times from March to June this year.

The parents of the victim knew about the rape and the pregnancy but concealed the matter to protect the wicked old man.

CourtHowever, the victim’s teachers found out about the pregnancy when they made some follow ups after the victim suddenly dropped out from school.

The teachers reported the issue to the area’s social welfare and child protection officer, Yoneco, and Community Policing Forum members who told Makanjira Police Post.

“The victim was issued a medical report and it was confirmed at Makanjira Health Centre that she is 3 months pregnant,” Kamphonje told the court.

The rapist was arrested and charged with defilement which is contrary to section 138(1) of penal code.

In court he pleaded guilty to the offence. In mitigation, he asked the court to consider his health and age. He also claimed that he’s a bread winner to his family and if convicted the family will suffer due to poverty and hunger.

First grade magistrate Ronald M’bwana said the rapist deserved a custodial sentence since he committed a serious offence and to discourage others from doing such evil acts.

M’bwana then slapped Kazembe with 10 years imprisonment with hard labour.

The rapist hails from Malufu village T/A Makanjira in Mangochi. In a related development, the Makanjira Police Post is keeping in custody Davide 56, for raping two school girls aged 10 and 12 years.

According to Mangochi Police deputy spokesperson Amina Tepani Daudi, the two girls are pupils and on 27th June 2016 during break time they visited the suspect’s house which is near the school to beg for groundnuts since the suspect works at Ching’anda Farming Trust.

Instead of giving them the groundnuts, the wicked man enticed the two little girls with K200 each in order to sexually abuse them.

He got his evil wish but when the girls later went home, their parents got surprised with the money and that is when the kids revealed the ordeal. Both parents reported the matter to Police who arrested the suspect.

Meanwhile the suspect is waiting for court proceedings to answer the charge of defilement contrary to section 138(1) of penal code. He hails from Khwathamula village T/A Changata in Thyolo.



  1. Life imprisonment was suporsed to be de judgement on de case bcoz de girl iz two young and wit de pregnant and ages she has,likely she is in de midle of death and life especialy when giving birth

  2. Malawian Court Is Just Unfair Bigger Cases Cost Less Years Imprisonment While Those With Less Cases Suffers Most In Prison With Many Years Imprisonment,foolish Educated Judges We Have In Malawi,school Dii Sichotsa Uchitsilu Imangochotsa Umbuli,tili Ndi Vitsilu Vamajudge

  3. Eee koma bambowo anangowonjeza, mangochi ndiyonse, ena ndimamva kut amkazi akumeneku sakana ndiboza limenelo ndikukana, matsiku ano palibe kunena kut mtundu wakuti oyipa zonama zimenezo, aliyense akumapanga zopusa………

  4. kkkkk kuu3la mwa 13 old akanamutchajanso 13 years in prison akondela bolani amupasa pha chizukulu chimenecho mdyomba kodi ndichani plz azimayi akumangochi machinga samakana ukawafunsila ena osafunsila nkomwe umakwapula gemu ndiye uyu mwana mpaka aaaaaa

  5. Kufika pompasa mimba apangana kangati nanga bwanji mwanayo osaulura? afere kundende ameneyo komaso aaaaaaaa chomwecho pansi pano

  6. 10 years eish zachepa,bora adakat 25 years,pot zachitika kale basi,chifukwa umenewo ndichimodzi modzi umfiti,

  7. iiiiiiih koma zina ukamva???? Komano 10yrs yo yachepa bola mukanangomupasa death penalty cz mwanayo ndi m’bale wache komanso wachepa + apo mwina wamupasa matenda

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