Cashgate ‘benefits’ go to Police, army

Cashgate buses

The fruits from Cashgate that government took over from the criminals who sought to enrich themselves from taxpayer’s money is being released.

Cashgate buses
Three Cashgate buses sent to law enforcing departments.

A month after court ruled that government should take full control of six Marcopolo buses seized from Capital hill officials, government has sent three of the buses to the police, military and prison service, Malawi24 has learnt.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Samuel Tembenu says this is after the departments applied to get the buses for use.

The Malawi Police Service (MPS), Malawi Defence Force (MDF) and the Malawi Prison Service had all sent applications to acquire the buses.

Tembenu says the three buses have since been sent to the departments with the remaining three still being kept at Police headquarters in Lilongwe.

The Marcoporo buses are valued at K520 million and their procurement was facilitated by former chief tourism officer in the ministry of tourism, Leonard Kalonga.

Samuel Tembenu
Tembenu: The departments made applications.

Following the arrest of Kalonga, the state prosecutor demanded that the buses are to be kept with the police so that they should be used as evidence in the court case.

Last year, the court convicted Kalonga on his own plea of guilty for stealing K3.7 billion ($6.3 million).

After the conviction, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) deputy director general Reyneck Matemba said they were to wait for legal ruling to dispose of the buses.

In her ruling, Judge Fiona Mwale said government should take full control of the buses that were bought using taxpayers’ money.


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